[CH8] Jai Luang (A Plus) : Fluke Jira / Kewalin Sriwanna / Puri / Fang Pitchaya

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  1. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan

    Fluke pretty much confirmed it on his IG that there's only 26 episodes. I guess it really is ending next Thursday. How in the world are they going to tackle all of this with just 5 more episodes? I mean, it's lakorns. They always somehow find a way, even if it has to be the illogical way. LOL

    What i find funny is that Tewa listens to Da but doesn't listen to Rin when she tries to knock some sense into him. Favoritism much? lol Like, come on. She's literally the only sane character in this whole lakorn with Nimarn's brother too. lol

    Wow. I guess this is what I get for fwd the side character's scenes. LOL Thanks for clarifying! :D
    Thanks to Falada for sure! I wouldn't have survive this long despite my minimal understanding of Thai. lol
  2. okaylove

    okaylove sarNie Adult

    the first kidnap, prings mother's wanted to get rid of Rawee... but Tewa saves her
    And the second it's because she was on her way to a resort or something. Everyone in the family wanted her and Tewa to make up and reconcile so they make plans have Rawee and Tewa have time alone together. Nimarn followed her so he saved her when they tried to kidnap her again but he kidnaps her....
  3. missstaceythao

    missstaceythao sarNie Adult

    Ugh, haven't watched this week's episodes, as I'm planning to watch it all on Friday along with Rak Rai. But I kinda don't want to watch it if it's just as ridiculous as what you guys are saying - I'll probably fast forward and just watch the sweet scenes.

    But I'm so not surprised about any of the spoilers @okaylove , I knew that would be the case, but I'd love more spoilers. Freaking craziness. I pity Phet in here, he better not end up with Da. Phet, Raveet, and Tawan are the only innocent people in here and not crazy and/or stupid.
  4. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    How on earth will this thing happen in 5 episodes? We still have to see...

    -Da telling Raveet the reason (will that happen today?)
    -Raveet's brother development with Da (what's he doing at Tewa's house?)
    -BR Construction info leak, how Nimarn will benefit from that? How does his plan crumble since he ends up doing thw unthinkable to his ex-girlfriend
    -Risa and Nimarn. What happen to Risa?
    -Rin and Nimarn's brother (well this can end quick since they are both mature and are more understanding of each other than the main couple)
    -Pring's mom problem
    -Raveet's parents. Are they not gonna end up together? Is it true her dad had something2 with Pring's mom?
    -Pring sleeping with Tewa
    -Da knowing the truth. How? Who?
    -Pring's story
    -And who got admitted into the hospital? I saw Pring holding a bouquet of flower in the ending credit.
    -The sea dock scene where Tewa was ignored by Raveet is that gonna happen?
    SO MANY ARE YET TO HAPPEN... are they gonna expect each problem could be solved in 10 minutes or so?

    They better cut the duration for commercial breaks!
  5. okaylove

    okaylove sarNie Adult

    Idk the summary on manager is 24 parts/episodes
    My spoiler aren't in order...
    I haven't really been watching only skim for scenes I wanted to see.. And the live once for one ep.. and Ive only checked the subs falada did a few times.....
    Oh he doesn't sleep with her.. he got drunk... because he thought she betrayed him about the company info for the auction so he went to stay at his apartment. Da gave Rawee the key cause it was her plan with Pring

    -da telling rawee the truth in front of Pasins grave. I'm not sure cause I havent seen the full episode since ep 15-16.
    - Phet came back and went to see Rawee
    - the info is a development plan that includes specs and design details about apartment parks shopping centre etc for an land/property auction by an government organisation
    - nimarn dumps her cause she no use anymore cause he used the info she gave him to win the auction
    - Rin and Nimarn's come to understanding because of Rawee.
    - Prings mother has many husbands. Thinks because of her late husband she's entitled to the family inheritance and shes also wife to Rawee's father now. She says it's for her children but its more selfishness greed. Rawee's father feel he must take care of his brother's family so he just alllow/let things to become how it is.
    - Rawee's father will continue to try make up with his wife they aren't divorced only living apart
    -he doesn't. Pring and da's plan to separate break up Rawee and Tewa. Hurt Rawee.
    - Pring tell Da about her relationship with Pasin. How he likes Rawee so she seduce Pasin and made him love her. How everything lead up to his death.
    - I think that already happen I'm not sure.
    - I'm also not sure it might be after she finds out the truth and brreaks up with him.
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  6. Snowrain

    Snowrain sarNie Egg

    @okaylove taewa doesnt sleep with pring means pring just act like they are sleeping together?

    Thank you for the spoiler
  7. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan

    LOL It's like rare to see the pra'ake sleep with the n'rai 98% of the time. lol They usually pass out before anything happens. Pring is just doing stuff to Tewa while he's knocked out to get Raweet mad and break them up. Nothing happened.

    Thank you @okaylove for the spoilers!!!! :D
  8. okaylove

    okaylove sarNie Adult

    Nothing happens Rawee comes in and see them on the bed but he passed out after she runs off.

    You're welcome. If anyone has questions just post and tag me.
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  9. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    Yup. We can see from the teaser yesterday that Pring bribe the bartender to drug Tewa's drink. Why must Tewa go see her again? Man.
    Wonder why would Raveet believe that Pring and Tewa are sleeping together. Is Tewa still conscious during that scene? I mean if he's not, no movement by Tewa, then it's obvious Pring rape Tewa (lol).

    One can only imagine... but in the end we have to wait tonight to see how this is played. Is it possible that Da will tell Raveet the "truth" tonight? Coz there's this part in the teaser where Da speaks to Raveet and Raveet has tears coming down her cheeks. I wish the order of the teaser is not in accordance of the episode tonight.
  10. Snowrain

    Snowrain sarNie Egg

    @okaylove oh plz tell me the part where Falada translated wrong or she didnt understand. Btw, do Raveet and Tewa having a baby later?

    Thank you so much @okaylove for the spoilers and plz spoil more
  11. okaylove

    okaylove sarNie Adult

    There's lot from ep 1 to the latest...
    No in the summary it didn't say she was pregnant at the end.
  12. Snowrain

    Snowrain sarNie Egg

    Thank you so much ^^

    means Tawan doesnt have any sibling til the end TT TT
  13. HyeSoo

    HyeSoo sarNie Hatchling

    Does someone know what the hell is Da saying Ravi? :BangHead:
  14. HyeSoo

    HyeSoo sarNie Hatchling

    I don't understand why will they give so much time to Pring's mother and his love affairs in the next episode, who cares about that stupid woman?

    This episode wasn't bad as I thought. Of course it isn' the best episode ever :pancarta: but it was necessary! We can cross off the list of things will have to happen
    - Pring sleeping with Tewa
    - They find out that Rawee didn't take the files
    - Rawee runs off to her mother house, after seeing Pring and Thaiwa in the same bed.

    In the preview we see Thaiwa saves Rawee, who were there in the van? :confused12:
    There are a lot of important dialogue scenes in this episode, I understood nothing :facepalm: After what happened, I guess Thaiwa won't continue to listen her sister or Pring anymore. I think his sister understood she couldn't manage him, because he fall in love with Ravi so she made that deal with Pring.

    It broke my heart when I saw Rawee crying :sad6: for a moment I thought "Now Da will tell her the true reason behind the marriage", it would be heartbreaking for Rawee and for us too :crybaby2:Fortunately it didn't happen, I couldn't bear to.
  15. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    Rush... rush... rush... RUSHED! I almost got a heart attack in the beginning. Why start the episode with Pring and her mom's scenes? Totally spoiled the mood. Instinctively felt that this episode will not be good. It turns out so. Everything was rushed! ...and what's up with the bloody teaser? 3/4 of it is about Pring's mom! I would have to say this lakorn has gone down hill since the start of this week. ...and it's going further down now. Disapointment. Sorry, maybe it's just me.

    Off topic: Did Fluke do anything wrong? Coz I saw an article about him apologizing about something.
  16. okaylove

    okaylove sarNie Adult

    The conversation between Da and Rawee.

    Da; finally, we get to meet each other officially
    Rawee; I'm sorry that yesterday I didn't talk to you
    Da; I understand what happened
    Rawee; It isn't good that you came and had to see the situation between me and Tewa like that
    Da; No one wants a situation like that to happen. But misunderstandings can always happen at any time. Isnt that right
    Rawee; I don't understand why. What caused him to misunderstand me so much. He won't listen to my reason at all.
    Da; He's like this maybe because he...forgot about it.. the matter it's been a long time.
    Rawee; Because of what, please tell me
    Da; Because he still misses Tawan's mother so he doesn't think of loving another women ever again. . I'm just speaking from what I think and know him. You shouldn't think too much about it
    Rawee; And do you know who is Tawan's mother and where she is.
    Da; I know but no one in this house talks about her because it might upset tewa because he loves tawans mother so much and we thought he wont be able to love another woman again. When he married you, we were happy and thought he forgot about her. But until yesterday when I saw him arguing with you so I knew no one can replace Tawan's mother at all. Do you love tewa a lot right . Thats good if you didn't love then you wouldnt be hurting.
    Rawee; What do you mean?
    Da; I mean I understand you. I hope that you and Tewa will probably reconcile soon.
  17. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan

    Brah. That's so disgusting of Da to be saying all that stuff about her brother when she is clearly the mother of Tawan. If I was Tewa and there at that moment, I would've vomit. Like, I ain't in love with my sister! lol Raweet is too...nice even though she's tough and stand her ground. Sigh. I don't even know anymore.
    Like finally Tewa stood up for himself when Da came to pester him, asking him to divorce Raweet. Also, good that he told Pring straight up that he knew nothing happened between them even though he was drunk.
    Hopefully Phet gets to talk to Tewa about Raweet and help clear some things up for them. Tewa can be so hardheaded yet dense. So frustrating. lol
    And there's no mention of a baby in the summary? I'm so done. Why are they playing with us like that? Always mentioning about having a baby and whatnot. lol

    Thanks for the trans Okaylove! Really appreciate it! :D
  18. okaylove

    okaylove sarNie Adult

    They don' have a baby.
    They continue to be parents to Tawan. The drama end with the three together at a garden.
    Da decided that she's happy and content with Tawan continue to not know her as her mother but as Aunty. So she said she won't tell tawan the truth and allow Tewa and Rawee to be parents to Tawan cause she believes they will take good care of Tawan.
  19. Snowrain

    Snowrain sarNie Egg

    @okaylove can you plz translate the conversation between Tewa and Pring at the condo?

    Thank you so much:)

    I am still upset that they dont have the baby, at least make Rawee pergnant

    Why? Why? PD-nim
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  20. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan

    Haha I know. I’m just upset that they kept having baby talks - well his dad and the other peeps lol - but no baby at the end. It’s okay. Tawan is good too. She’s super adorable.

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