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Its a mini special lakorn honor the late King. (The title of the series : Tai Rom Pra Baramee)

Here is all the part and actors and actresses that will be in.

1. Kru Kong Pandin (Pordeecom)
Weir Sukollawat, Yui Jiranun, PP Patchaya, Nut Attiruj

2. Kluen Haeng Satta (Mummai)
Michael Pattaradet, Stephany Auernig

3. Jahk Fahk Fah Suralai (Dida)
Jakjaan Akhamsiri, Eak Rungsriroj, Benz Punyaporn, Mek Juti, N'Nada (Kob's daughter)

4. Pleng Haeng Saeng Tawan (Kantana)
Porshe Saran, Pim Pimprapa, Amm Pherawat, Nat Natasha

5. Tahng Kong Por (DaraVdo)
Kwan Usamanee, Mik Thongraya

6. Saeng Sood Tai (Doomundee)
Donut Patarapol, Prapie Ramida, Hone Thanakorn

7. Pieng Por Tee Por Pieng (Media Studio)
Om Akapan, Peak Pattarasaya,Namwaan Kannaporn

8. Arthit Up Saeng (Pasangyasorn)
New Wongsakorn, Bank Atht, Toon Pimpawee,

9. Jong Ruk Phakdee (Samun Karn Lakorn)
Cee Siwat, Grace Karnklao, Thisa Varithhisa, Golf Anuwat, Jayda Sarunya


sarNie Oldmaid
Oh wow with both ONEHD and Channel 7 doing a special series I wonder if Channel 3 will follow suit? I do hope all these specials will be subbed (or in Channel 7's case at least available online) because I really do want to see how they honor their King. It also looks like we will get to see a lot of different stars together, who have yet to work with each other so that will be nice.


sarNie Oldmaid
Thank you so much for the info! It's nice to see CH7 and oneHD doing series type of lakorns to honor the king. And yep some pairings haven't worked with each other yet so it is also interesting to see. I hope CH3 will also do the same! :D

CH7 they better make their lakorns available online worldwide already. Don't know what to say lol. They're missing out on gaining international fan base because of what they're doing. lol.
Looking forward to know the plot of each part of the series.


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Yes! I get Michael/Stephany and Mik/Kwan, 2 couples I wanted to see. Hopefully they get a real lakorn though.

One good thing about Ch7 is that they're not afraid to mix couples up.


sarNie Adult
No wonder I saw pictures of Mik and Kwan! Excited to see that. All series seems interesting...


sarNie Oldmaid
Alright definitely tuning in for Mik & Kwan, Porshe & Pim (still need to finish her lakorn with Mik lol), Aom & Peak and maybe whatever the last one is (not sure why that trailer is mostly pics).

Will also probably watch Michael and Stephany's part as well, just to see Michael in action because I have never watched him in anything before.


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The lakorns all seem to be very lighthearted. It's nice to see CH7 coming together to pay their respects to their beloved king.

All these pairings are exciting, but I seriously can't wait to see Mik and Kwan together as leads. I'll most likely tune in to see Pim & Porshe together too. Same goes to Michael and Stephany.

I'm surprised to see that Sammy, Bow, or Min are not a part of the cast.