[CH7] Suay Sorn Kom (DaraVDO) : Porshe Saran/Grace Karnklao/Prapye Ramida


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This were confirmed by Daravdo fitting is soon.

SIGH, more PEAK. Aum P was originally connected to this, but I guess Grace got the role.

"I will come back and get vengeance. You guy will not die pretty." Were the words of Jia Ing, who was filled with vengeance and anger, as fire consumed her soul. Jia Ing was forced out of the house with her mother and another mistress of Jao Suan Sian, when they did nothing wrong. Jia Ing would later return as Yaping the eldest daughter of Jao Sua and the main wife. she has returned to get her vengeance as she once uttered.

Don't know who pra'ek is yet, will update when I do. I have a feeling he is probably very insignificant. Grace will be playing Jia Ing the main nang'rai.


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Is nang'rai more significant? If so, Grace playing the role makes sense. Seriously though, why does it feel like Peak keeps getting so many good projects compared to her better contemporaries?