[Ch7] Soo San Khon Pen


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Here is the Thai title, "สุสานคนเป็น."
I don't know what does the title mean, but to me it sounds somehow like living in a tomb.


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I guess Yui's n'ek time is over. I'm sad I hope she still get some n'ek role. I love jakajan's hair new look for her. The new n'ek look Ok. Let's hope her acting is decent.


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This is actually a very good Lakorn...I like the old version with Ann S and her ex-husband. Looking thru the photos, Yui is the main lead lady not Jakajaan...but maybe I need to check the video first...


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Lol.  Where have Aof been lately.  I totally forgot about him.  When i saw the ending credits teaser i kept thinking it's Phet.  LOL..  Until i read the forum here and i'm like OMG.  How could i forget him.  LOL. This lakorn looks very good.  I'll have to watch it when it ends.


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Happy888 said:
Here is the Thai title, "สุสานคนเป็น."
I don't know what does the title mean, but to me it sounds somehow like living in a tomb.
 It means "Graveyard of the Living" or "Cemetery of the Living."
I didn't really watch the old version because they storyline didn't interest me, but I loved the OST of the old version. All I really remember of this story is that the n'ek's husband and his mistress were slowly poisoning her, so she kept getting this weird illness where she seemingly stops breathing but she's still alive. I think eventually at one point they think she's actually dead (but she's not) and they end up burying/cremating her. Eventually her niece or sister (or something) tries to solve her murder. N'ek also comes back as a ghost (I think) to haunt her husband and his mistress. That's what I vaguely remember, but I could be wrong since I didn't really watch it.
Anyone watching it? Is it worth tuning in?
Kinda late reply here but everything seems to follow exactly what happened in the last versions. For me the only version with a more creative storytelling is the one in 1982. The 1991, 2002 and this one are nearly as identical. Guess you don't have to change so many things when you already have a good storyline (lakorns remaker write this down pls). The haunting in this version looks decent although I like the 2002 one more, it is actually interesting and creppy to see the n'rai and the husband play some dance music but only get the monk chanting one (for who we all know). The nek in this version feels weaker because her emotion outputs werent that strong. Idk if its changed or just Jamie's weak acting. Rotsukorn is surely annoying and Jakajun really knows how to get on my nerve. James acting could have been more pathetic when he was trapped by Yui and only wanted to die but overall I enjoyed seeing his potrayal as a complete douchebag. In the end I still thought that Yui loves James when she took him to the afterlife, even with all the things he has done to her.

Another character I want to highlight is Naruemon. Why? She's Rotsukorn but with proper development, an example with how drastically different an event can influence on someone's fate. She started off as a money hunger wife that decided to leech the heck out of Yui's character wealth instead of working, and is reckless towards Lanthom. However, after the dead of her douchebag husband, she started to become a little bit afraid of Lanthom's spirit, and even more so through the series. The changing point is when she and Rot try to sell gold from that old maid. She was really scared and even thought of evacuating the house because she didnt want her kids to get killed (while it's probably herself first). In the end she did admitted to be blinded by greediness and was genuiely grateful to accept the job offer from Jamie's character, thus completely removing herself from the danger of Yui's spirit. Rot on the other hand just got more and more reckless over the time, because she was so used to the lavish life that had knocked all common sense out of her and finally died a tragic death as a result. The lessons this lakorn teaches are very profounding, thoughtful and morally correct, even so in this era when money has the power above all. I can see why it has so many remakes and definitely can imagine it to be remade within several years, because the morals are never to become dated.