[CH7] See Mai Karn (Mongkol Kan Lakorn): Aun C/Gift S/Ko V/Mamaew P/Tyfoon T/Libya N/Poom K/Kaewsai


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Wait what?? I always wanted ch3 to remake this with the 4 huajai gals. Never gonna happen now lol bit still want ch3. Now it all ch7 newbies. Thanks for info..also one of my favorite growing up.


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This sounds familiar but I can't really recall it

The actors don't seem that appealing... very average


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What is it about?
A woman has four granddaughters and she is very protective of them when it comes to men because her daughter (their mom) died because of their father's lecherous ways. Also, the eldest was hurt by an ex boyfriend. Each granddaughter will have her own man come into her life and eldest sister will have her ex lover come back into her life. They really should have casted older people for the first and second sister lol.


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Ahh ok so it has a little bit of drama to it? I really like Go and glad to see him in more lakorns
Yes it's romcom. I think Mamaew is going to be playing Kaew (Tanya) is the only granddaughter that follows her grandma's order and keeps an eye out for her older sisters lol.


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looks so GOOD! I can't wait to watch. Already shipping Ko & Mam. Anyone knows when it'll air? And can I get some more detailed insight on the synopsis...


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Thippy was going to sub it but now it seems like she dropped it because this doesn't appear anymore in her future works! :).
Yeah i also noticed that that’s why i’m worrying now.... T.T and i’ve been so looking forward tothis and kept checking its page in mydramalist to check its airdate and been excited coz thippy was gonna sub this... T.T