[CH7] Sao 5 Tubtim Siam (Bangkok Audio Vision)


sarNie Oldmaid
I cant wait! The first part was good! Im glad they have a second part! Very good lakorn if someone like action/comedy/romantic.


sarNie Juvenile
are u serious
i can't wait to watch season two then
cuz season 1 was good and i liked note and ??? pair
the best
can't wait to see all those pairs again and new ones too
if any
thks for the update


Marisa isn't in here.
She wasn't choose by ch7 to play on this.
I never saw the part1, too. not my genre^^´´


SarNie Adult
what? marisa wasn't in this 2nd part...i actually like marisa and arnut pair the most...because marisa is mix..therefore, she is more touchable with her guy more than the other pairs...n plus they are cute together too in part 1...


sarNie Oldmaid
I hope Marisa in the second part because she and Anas was one of my fav couples. I like Pai and Oun couple because they were sweet to each other. I found Note & Kam , Nam & Grace couples were hilarious.


sarNie Juvenile
I don't think Marisa or Grace are in this one. I saw the opening ceremony and they mentioned all the others who were in part 1 except Marisa and Grace, and named 2 new actresses that joined the cast.


sarNie Oldmaid
Cr: to SPICY Forum...Marisa & Grace would not be in this part 2...don't know but they been replace by some other girls.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Pai is so small compared to the others, and he's a reasonably tall person.


sarNie Adult
I like the part one. MARISA N MY BELOVED ARNAS WERE SOO CUTE. ALSO GRACE N NAM I DON'T LIKE KIE SHE DON't match with my ARNAS hehe.. Well I watch till theres alots of episode to keep up.


sarNie Adult
LOL. Pai's girl looks like joy s. Well her eyes does. Some of the pose she took with pai i thought it was joy for a bit, then im like no she's not in this one.lol.

Oh and they should have just brought back the whole cast or a whole different cast like angkok 1 and 2. Well part two wasn't as great as part one. I love pete and emma ( i think that's her name.LOl i can't remember.)

Nam looks good and so is the others but note looks funny. Dark i should say and his pose are just too funny.

wait? didn't Eak's girl change? She looks different. I can't remember. lol.


sarNie Hatchling
I loved it, and sad that it has come to an end. But i was disappointed Kane and Man fah didn't get together :cry1: :weep: . Hopefully there will be a part 3 and all the characters come back together again :D