[Ch7] Sai Lohit (DaraVdo) : Porshe Saran/Now Tisanart

Discussion in '2018' started by Kwan25, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. lilo

    lilo sarNie Juvenile

    I would love to see a remake of this drama, but I am not too much a fan of Kwan. 
  2. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    Not a fan of Tui, but love Kwan. I also don't want Weir either. Hope Kwan pairs with someone new if she does end up being in this remake.
  3. AsianFemale

    AsianFemale Mrs. Kim Junsu

    OMG did someone say Tui Teerapat? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Yes him and Kwan. Love them in their last lakorn.
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  4. Cheeraka

    Cheeraka sarNie Juvenile

    But didn't khun Louise say it was just rumours that they will star in here?
  5. hsdsfan

    hsdsfan sarNie Hatchling

    ^ Yes he did. 
  6. Kkrystal

    Kkrystal สุภาพบุรุษจุฑาเทพ

    if I had to choose I think New and Now would suit better.
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  7. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    I thought they already remake it ? Wasn't it with that one girl that name also was KOB? I forgot the guy name
  8. khmaichick559

    khmaichick559 sarNie Hatchling

    Uh i think i'll just stick to my lovely all time lakorn couple num and kob for this lakorn...thinking back their lakorn dao pra sook was the first thai lakorn khmer dubbed i ever watch thru out my life... sai lohit is one of the best thai lakorn of my all time favorite... its a heart touching historical lakorn...gottta love 'em...
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  9. lilo

    lilo sarNie Juvenile

    Yes, they did remake it before. And it was with the girl name KOB. 
  10. jeedlove

    jeedlove sarNie Hatchling

    Weir and Now would be perfect for this remake! 
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  11. Saechash

    Saechash sarNie Hatchling

    Mike and Bow :)
  12. tgamber

    tgamber sarNie Adult

    They are too cute for this. In my opinion, prek abandoned nangek for war. Even though, they loved each, they missed more. So, no Mike and Bow. Because I want them in a lakorn full of bickerings like those bollywood movies , falling in love during college and has more interactions.
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  13. ch3eks

    ch3eks sarNie Hatchling

    Rumour has it that my baby girl Now Tisanart is in here  :dance1: :clap: So excited to hear this news and hope it all gets confirmed by the elders soon . I'm crossing my fingers for Om or Weir. Khun Louise also said via KCL that the Channel gave them a budget of 100 million baht for this remake. 
  14. tgamber

    tgamber sarNie Adult

    Now's name has been attached to this for awhile but not confirmed. Although I like her in modern attire, she shines more in boran clothes. Hope she get a decent prek if the rumors is true.
  15. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    Bow would be so cute in the thai clothing. plus she's young to fit that role b/c Kob sure looked young and cute. love that lakorn. i hope it turns out good b/c so many remakes failed. they cant top the original blah!!!
  16. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    I don't remember this being all that good because it's a war lakorn. Not a fan of war lakorns. The historical plot was probably what made it a classic. I've become a fan of Now so if she's in here, I might give it a try. 
  17. tgamber

    tgamber sarNie Adult

    Yeah, the lakorn is quite a mess. Too many wars but if they give me abs and sexy men like BR, I most definitely welcome.
  18. ch3eks

    ch3eks sarNie Hatchling

    Now looks beautiful in both period and modern clothing, it's just that there's not many actress from Ch7 who have a Thai look and can pull off the wardrobe as well as she does. lol @ the abs and sexy men comment. I aint one to complain either if I get to see good looking guys going shirtless. Come to think of it, Bow's name was also linked to this lakorn at one point and either girl is fine with me just as long as it's not a luk kreung actress playing Dao Reung. 
  19. junemaikao

    junemaikao sarNie Hatchling

    I know right n'ek n p'ek have to be full Thai in this lakorn..mix n'ek doesn't fit the character..I would love Om to be p'ek...num n kob version was so popular n high rating back then..would love to see a new remake..the 2nd remake by ch3 was a failed plus main couple doesn't look good.
  20. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    I just feel like the version with Num and Kob was popular because they were a popular koo kwan after Dao Prasook, which is one of the most popular lakorns in Thai lakorn history. It had record breaking ratings for its finale. I just don't like how the pranangs spend so much time apart in war lakorns. I'll see if I should tune in or not. The only thing I loved about the lakorn was their OSTs. Very beautifully composed with traditional Thai instruments, well the second version.

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