[CH7] Plerng Prissana (Firstclass Entertainment) : Om Akapan / Sammy Cowell


sarNie OldFart
I thought so.....

Ch7 has been pretty creative....lack of a better word....I know sammy doesn't like to sing and isn't confident in that aspect.
Understand, not everyone can sing. At least she’s participating in the show. Sammie, Now, and Mookda are ones can’t sing. Ch7 had put Bow and Pim as the lead female singers at the concert. It’s good that ch7 is doing a charity concert for the hospital. They received like 7million bath from the event?


sarNie Hatchling
you forgot stephany, she can not sing at all. i think great that ch7 let some of their stars dance and mooka is very good dancer.


sarNie OldFart
The official poster and plot is out. I guess it is a little different from the novel.

Pk owe a boon koon to his aunt. She has him execute a revenge on nk (her family). He is doing so through business ...gaining her trust.. .of course they fall in love...pk Will then find out later he is just another chess piece to his aunt plans....also there is a his birth secret....

So maybe we see this by summer...?