[CH7] Petch Tud Petch (Pordeecom) Kwan Usamanee/Weir Sukullawat


sarNie Egg
A little off topic, but I saw someone tag kwan and weir in an old boran lakorn they did together, but not costar together. They look so good in those clothes. Wish they can remake manee yard fah together. They just look so perfect for those roles.


sarNie Egg
It's nothing much, but I really love these clips.
Just a few seconds of their moment together make me FIN so much lol. Maybe I've waited too long for these two to reunite, so anything they do can make me go crazy easily. :dance1:
This one just proves that they can be (kind of) playful around each other too. So cute! Especially around 0:17 and 0:36.

I like how Weir bent down to talk to Kwan at the beginning of the clip.
And, at 2:18 when Weir said "khong nong yoo nee ngai" to tell the staff that her gun was already there.
I love it and find it's adorable when a man calls a woman "nong".
I heard Weir calling his other n'eks "nong" often.  But this is more precious to me because they're my favs. :D
My first time posting clips, hope it works.


sarNie OldFart
Yes, that's Nampeung Natrika. She's back to play at Ch.7. She'll be playing the drug lord everyone's trying to take down.


`my dragon's blood is blue`
Chane is one of the hottest villains ever.

Mik is super handsome.
Weir is just so lovable.

Kwan could have better wardrobe but she's still so pretty.

The n'rais are always the same for ch7 action lakorns.

Nampeung looks good in here.


sarNie Adult
That wig  :facepalm: and her dress...she needs a new stylist, lol. BUt omg these two are so hot!!! And the men too :drool:  :spicy:


sarNie Hatchling
Kwan is really strong. Loll She can beat up Weir. The last photo would be so cute if the other guy is not in the picture.