[CH7] Petch Roy Ruk (Dida Video): BigM Krittarit/Green Ausadaporn


sarNie Egg
Aww it ended. There were a lot of flaws but very entertaining. Really likes all their sweet scenes together.

I really dont like Bee, she was like the most annoying side character this year. She doesn't simply talk it she gotta yelled in every single dang scenes!! Like not in screeching but just talking really loud. My gosh I can't stand it when she plays rai.
i felt your pain I FELT it hard lol....


sarNie OldFart
i felt your pain I FELT it hard lol....
I cried everytime she opens her mouth. This is not a dramatic tragic lakorn at all but she is a tragedy in the nangrai world. Lord knows how she is consistently casts as nangrai in lakorns. I rather take the most horrible acting nangek over a horrible acting nangrai.


sarNie Oldmaid
This lakorn is such a mess. There was hardly any chemistry between the leads and too many rai characters. It give this 5/10