[CH7] Petch Roy Ruk (Dida Video): BigM Krittarit/Green Ausadaporn


sarNie Adult
I randomly came across a vid of the little girl on ig and she's cries so beautifully for a child actress and also she's beautiful! She's also in Mia with Pong and Bee airing rn too. Wow. She's super cute! She's going to be a rising kid star!


sarNie Egg
I just wanted to say Big M is cute when he wants to be near his girl...but um the cutting of this lakorn annoys me and the screaming of that annoying girl HURTS my ears! lol


This lakorn has many sweet scenes and it makes me wanna watch it, BUT!

Ch7 seems to have uped this kisses. They wanna kiss like the French I see. Haha.. Btw. Did BigM sing the song in here? I don't like his voice when he talks, but he's got a pretty good singing voice. Haha.


sarNie OldFart
Aww it ended. There were a lot of flaws but very entertaining. Really likes all their sweet scenes together.

I really dont like Bee, she was like the most annoying side character this year. She doesn't simply talk it she gotta yelled in every single dang scenes!! Like not in screeching but just talking really loud. My gosh I can't stand it when she plays rai.