[CH7] Pan Ta Gaan Ruk: Bank Artit/Mookda Narinrak


He likes her, but the thing is, is his anger towards Chor more greater than his feelings for Prai?
I think he can feel that Pai see thru himself. He could not hide anymore after the yesterday incident where NuChon purposely brought him into her and ThongEk?


Can find but need to type or google in Thai letters.
I know this website thailakorn something but it’s too damn slow buffering and I don’t have time for it, plus quality is like 90s or 80s even lol

I want HD YouTube quality lol Fast access you know? Haha :p


sarNie Adult
Saw clips of Bank and Mook first lakorn - he look better in that era with the slit back hair and period look on him make him look mature and gentleman like. The modern look here make him look messy and like a child. Stopped watching this even though I do ship Bank and Mook - but not feeling the genre and storyline. I'm sure they'll reunite next year or again soon with Ch7 low ratio of actors.


Oh thanks. Do you watch it on your phone or computer?? I’m mostly on my mind phone. Opening that on my phone is still lightly slow, unless there’s an app??
I watched it on my phone and it works fine for me.