[CH7] Nang Rai (Mongkoldee) : Now Tisanart/Boom Kitkong/ Chap Worakorn/Maggi Apa


Mark x Yaya
Ok i kinda skip watched it lol only the 4 lead scenes ...i really liked Boom Now and the other two

But i didnt really liked the story at all

I hope these two are casted in a better project next time


sarNie OldFart
I gave up on this lakorn at ep 6, but want to know how it goes down. Can someone spoil how this ends. Is Now actually their kid? I know I’m a lil’ late haha.
She's not her real mom.

Happy ending. Pk family suffers. Nk survives cancer. Her family supports themselves.

Wadee ...and somsuck HEA

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
This lakorn was surprisingly quite well done. It is your typical melodramatic namnao lakorn but the lakorn also is well aware of itself at the same time as seen in scenes like were Anuwadee calls out Kae for being weak.

Now is a really amazing actress, she really embodied this role. She's an actress portraying a weak girl who is also portraying a melodramatic actress, the transition is seamless. Kaewalai is weak but she isn't annoyingly weak. When she gets fed up, she goes berserk as seen when she barges into Athit's condo and beats the crap out of Jom, as well as when she starts slapping Pak. She can't help but want to make others happy because she herself has never really experienced happiness, therefore she doesn't know what to do to make herself happy other than trying to make the people she loves happy. I'm glad she finally got a taste of selfishness, even though it didn't last very long when she spent some time with Pope before they broke up.

I like Pope, but I wish he was more useful. He wasn't very useful at all in this lakorn. Sa-nguansak came to Kae's rescue more than the actual p'ek. Pope spent most of his time trying to rebel his parents but very unsuccessfully and just ends up doing what they want. He pretty much spends half of the lakorn away from the n'ek. He really should have fought more for Kae but he just ends up always backing down whenever something major happens.

The best people in this lakorn are Wadee and Sa-nguansak. They have the most personality and their love story is entertaining to watch. They are like toddlers that have a crush on each other but have no idea how to go about it other than behaving childishly and abusing each other. They are such great friends to the n'ek and they aren't annoyingly goody goody. Wadee knows when to tell Kae what it is and Sa-nguansak isn't going to jump the gun whenever he finds out important information, he waits until there is enough evidence and lets people find the truth out on their own because he knows that people aren't going to just believe him just because he says so. I hope Chap and Maggi pair up again, they have really good chemistry with each other. Chap was so boring and dull in that lakorn with Louis and Stephany, he shines so much here.

The parents in this lakorn are awful. Pope's parents are so controlling and selfish, to the point that they don't see their children as their children at all. Pope tried to rebel, but he couldn't do it properly. Pope's father is the worst, they should have shown what happens to him after the leads get together. I'm assuming he's still a wreck because Pope is doing all the work at the company. I don't believe Pope's mother has changed, I mean she preaches all this chaste and nun like lifestyle but when the littlest thing doesn't go her way, she commits so much sin against other people without regard for the inner peace she was trying to attain before. Then she accidentally kills Athit, cries and regrets doing it then immediately goes to pour acid on her husband's mistress. Then pretty much tries to force the mistress to forgive her, making an aggressive pact to make it happen one day. So even in the end, all she cares is about herself and wanting forgiveness to make herself feel better.

This lakorn should not be named Nang Rai because being a nang rai is such a small part of the n'ek's life. This lakorn would be better off as Dignity or something like that because the rich and the noble think they have dignity but the way each of them behave is utterly disgusting. Then we have Kae who is poor but she maintains her dignity despite all the turmoil in her life. Even Kae's father is awful. He hardly does anything to protect his daughter. He truly loves her but he is just as selfish as Pope's parents. Even Prang, she may say she is doing this for Kae, but she is doing it for herself. If she wasn't caught by Athit she would have dragged on the affair for as long as possible because she loves the money. Kae is nothing but an afterthought. I like that none of the characters here are black and white. Even Athit, as selfish and evil as he is, he still sticks with Jom and I think he genuinely loves her in his own twisted way. He may abuse her and cheat on her, but ultimately he shares his wealth with her and does most of it all for her.

Tle Tawan is a pretty good director. The editing could use a little more polishing, the way scenes end can be choppy at times, especially after a love scene where it just abruptly ends without any aftermath sometimes. Ken Theeradeth's mom wrote the script and she usually writes for Dida. Dida lakorns usually come out cringeworthy but in this lakorn it shows that a good director and decent editing can make even a corny script work. The ending could have been better, it felt a little abrupt. I would have liked to see Kae 5 years later. Is her cancer in remission? Is she still acting? Does she go back to help her family?