[CH7] Mon Garn Bandan Ruk (Dida Video) : Mik Thongraya/Bow Maylada

Discussion in 'Currently broadcasting & New Lakorn' started by KhoOnxNouxWanxJai, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

  2. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I can't seem to get into her or finish her lakorn.

    Mik is ok
  3. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    Is anyone planning to sub this??? Come on!!!
  4. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    wow, time-turning?
    they're so cute together
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  5. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Awww both Mik and Bow look so cute in this. Hope this airs soon.
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  6. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    I can't wait for this one. I love Bow is these roles. She's so cute and Mik, he's just so lovable.
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  7. sanaeozora

    sanaeozora sarNie Egg

    If the Subbing Gods grace us, I'll definitely watch this. I'd watch Mik sitting on a chair reading the Yellow Pages, and I loved Bow's spunkiness in her role in KC. Also, the storyline feels more like a k-drama than a lakorn so that makes it even more interesting. Any news of the presumed release date?
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