[Ch7] Marn Bang Jai : Weir Sukollawat / Mookda Narinrak


sarNie Hatchling
Wow. I love that 2nd picture from the fitting. With mookda behind him. She’s gorgeous.


Extremely in love with Phet <3
Stubborn wife for him is frustrating but is fun for me to watch :risas3:
Pwahaha. Indeed it is fun to watch. We'll enjoy it, hehe. I just wanna hear Weir say, "MIA MIA MIA" already! :p

Hahaha, Weir basically have two kids to watch after. No wonder he's stressed. Especially with one that can talk back very well.


Extremely in love with Phet <3
The teaser looks wayyyy crazier than the anything in the old version lol I’m happy about that :risas3: looks way more eventful haha
I know! I love it too, hehe. I definitely think they will make this version better and more romantic.