[Ch7] Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart (Daravideo)


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Keyhui is a new website the thai-international fans are planning to launch and it offers lakorns in eng sub and msrfs happened to be one of the lakorn they're going to release soon. Lol


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LOL I miss the unrelated off topic spam in here too, ya' ladies was the best , the thread was more interesting than the lakorn HAHAHA ^^^


I finished RRF couldn't help but think of this one. If only this lakorn was half as good as RRF. I might go back and rewatch. Hehe.


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Do any of you have the videos for Mai Sin Rai saved in your computer or know where I can stream/download them? Ninjakkn has it subbed till ep 7 and KeyHui took down the videos from their FB page, so I've been looking everywhere but to no avail. Watching ep 8 right now, raw, not knowing what's being said in the dialogues...:crybaby2:
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