CH7] Lep Krut (Nine Bever Films) : Cee Siwat / Yui Chiranan


sarNie Adult
Yes, in this lakorn we get to see Cee in a different way! A little bad boy type and he suit this kind of lookvery much. He looks hot like you girls said.


. . . I wanna come spazz with y'all, but there so much going on idk where to go. Hahaha.


sarNie Hatchling
I thought their ratings was in the 7s, but this week it went down to 6?
no the rating was around 6 last week 6.1 and 6.3 if i'm not mistaken.It stated around 5 then increase to 6 but not reach 7 yet ....


sarNie Hatchling
Sigh. now miss reporter wants to follow kris out when he going on his mission, but she going to act like a crybaby when there's a shootout. What did you expect??? He wasn't going to an effing party jeez.

Kris deserves better y'all. They did him dirty with this reporter


sarNie Hatchling
Just skimmed ep 6 & 7 and man...I thought it was a bit boring (guess because I don't really care for the action scenes unless it's cee in it). Morakot was like kidnapped & then she ran away...then got kidnapped..and saved...then kidnapped again wtf can they not??

Saw the teaser for next ep and err did I hear her say something like it's nice to have a brother as a police officer & kris replied that it's nicer if your boyfriend is a police officer? Is you falling for her alreadyyyy man