[Ch7] Khun Dech (Compordee)

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I just noticed Weir has dimples. So weird i have been watching him for years now and just now i notice. Love a guy with dimples.


sarNie OldFart
I agreed with you!

Gosh Jakajan look gorgeous in the pictures. I think Jakajan look great with most of her co-star such as Cee and Vee too. :thumbsup: I love this girl. Hoping she get more n'ek role! Im so execiting for this lakorn.
She's also so cute ! I love her cute voice !
Same here ! I hope she gets to reunite with Oh Anuchit !
Even though he doesn't get the leading roles anymore ! gahh
loved their lakorn together ! OT ><

Se55y gir1

sarNie Egg
This Lakorn sure fun because Vee are handsome hahah:DDD Oh! Vee lead Huh but, die at the end. i watch old lakorn the Lead die, but i think this new lakorn will change ahahah plz let Vee still a live and good ending ahaha:DDD o-o Vee first i watch was Kom Kom lol and i like him that time ahaha so all his lakorn when i watch very good. :lolyup: Vee vs Cee...lol i know why Cee didn't geting the lead in Koo Pbuan Olawon because hahah vee have the lakorn that Cee can't win ahaha "Kom Kom" ahahah:DDD :locked: i like his be lead in all lakorn that was most popular ahahah:DDD Weird didn't look good when she loss his girlfriend his get no popular when his in lakorn alalala maybe ahahah i don't want to talk about only one p'ek hahah some one will hate me...


sarNie Egg
Yo... U know who leading in drama sure more :clap2: :drool: :dude:

u story too long.......!!!! :rant:

Love who Vee,V,S vs Weir,S.....

i choose Leading better... reason first sentence :clap: :yahoo:


sarNie Adult
I've never really paid attention towards Vee but after watched him in Sentai, he has something that so charming :crush: glad to see him here, gotta love him more than Weir though!

cr. jakjaan's ig


sarNie Adult


♥♥MikeƸӜƷPle♥♥ khun yai♥pin
Anyone know what is this lakorn replace for which one. I read at spicy froum and it say air on apirl 18 on weir birthday and I just wonder which lakorn is this lakorn replace for.


sarNie Adult
1st photo: they are all starting to look similar to me! all the guys and... girls also
2nd photo :Vee is also have dimples(just noticed this) that makes them even similar and handsome for sure
3rd pphoto : makes me seeing two grizzly bears about to bicker lol, they are too tall! oh yeah, all the guys in here are enormous