[Ch7] Keeta Lokah (Media Studio)


sarNie Egg
hey erm, can somebuddy pls point the way to this lakorn, where could i go to watch this show, and woh....!!!! its nearing its end already, i haven't even saw an episode of it yet....... pls tell me where to go to watch this....... thank Q..... 
oh yeah......i own this page......Z!!!!!!!!


sarNie Elites
hooooly freakin tear jerking crap!!! wish i could hold my poor baby attikom! my heart is aching so much!!!!!


sarNie Juvenile
I'm glad that they didn't kill off Attikom and make him as the real Attikom which can't use his under part either.
I don't mean in the mean way, I just mean that they Always like to kill off bad characters in the lakorn which is not all the bad people does in real Life.
Feel sorry for Attikom though. :cry1:
This lakorn is :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


sarNie Juvenile
good ending...good ending... 
i give this lakorn a 9/10
yes, i agreed with everyone that attitkom could of have a couple too at the end instead
but the way how they end his story was good too, not bad
at least he turn into a good person as An (Green) wanted
i hope to see more good lakorns in the future of ch.7
cuz i have to say, right now ch.3 lakorns aren't catching me anymore
their lakorns aren't getting better or interesting
the couplings as well.


sarNie Egg
Can somebody tell me where can I watch this lakorn with English sub? I really like Atsadaporn(Green) after watching her at Maya See Mook.