[CH7] Insee Daeng (Nine Bever Films): Bow Maylada/Om Akapan/Off Chanapol/Maggi Apa

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  1. Aw poor Sammy. I actually find her hot even though I don’t follow her or any of the Channel 7 celebs. Just like Poo I think she’s exotically gorgeous but the girl is not the strongest actress. Lol. ;)
  2. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Sammy or poo?

    I feel sammy is a strong actress. She started from the bottom in rai roles....her lakorns are slice of life challenging unorthodox roles. She has played many versatile characters. Lately she's been typecast in those slice of life strong characters. I'm glad to see her in a weak role soon w/thanwa
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  3. SuzieJ

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    I think she means they are both beautiful girls but they are both not strong actresses
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  4. Lol. Sorry my earlier comment wasn’t clear. I meant to say both Sammy and Poo of Channel 7 are hot actresses. But Sammy is a decent actress whereas Poo is weak! Lol. @spanky @SuzieJ
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  5. spanky

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    No biggy lol

    I didn't follow poo...so no comment
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