[CH7] Hiso Sa Orn (Mediascene): Maggi Apa/Kem Hussawee


sarNie OldFart
I like this very much. Hope for Kem-Maggi pairing again.
I was watching Bee S and Namfone’s lakorn(the one where mistakenly thought she was his future fiancée) last night and thought Kem resembles Bee in some ways. Kem would be good in that remake. I hope Kem and Maggie reunite soon too.


sarNie Oldmaid
I finished this lakorn and enjoyed it. Khem as Ai Joy/Din was funnier and had a cuter personality than his role as Nop in HJLPC (although I preferred meanie but broken Nop). Khem speaking Esan was too cute and blush-worthy when flirting with Mary after she remembered that he's her childhood friend. First lakorn of Maggie I’ve watched. Have not seen any of her other lakorns, but I like her acting. She and Now T. play bratty and spoiled nang'eks very cute and not hatable at all. She resembles Now and Preaw. Some of her scenes were too hilarious and especially scenes between Mary vs Ai Din :risas3: Overall, it was a good lakorn, the only thing that got me frustrated was Mary's mom being too nice (doormat DIL) and her spineless dad. So many times, I wished he could have stood up for his wife when she's being insulted by his mom.

(Just a bit strange seeing a few of the side characters in this lakorn as "rai" in here than their roles in HJLPC )