[CH7] E'Pring Khon Rerng Muang (Nino Brother) : Jakjaan Akhamsiri


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This is a remake lakorn from many many years ago. The previous version starred Mai Charoenpura as E'Pring. The storyline is set during Rama VII-VIII and World War II so around 1930-50s. N'ek is quite a raeng character. The lakorn is about her life journey from a young girl to a mature woman. She falls in love easily and get disappointed often. She has about ten husbands including having an affair with the son of her senior husband.
Source : http://pantip.com/topic/34396727
Credit : NinjaKKn @Spicyforum
At now, They are deciding between Kwan and Sammy about E'Pring role who is lead role
Crefit : Komchadluek


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I don't understand why in this day and age we need to remake this type of lakorns. The promiscuous nangeks or the praeks with many wives. I understand there's a moral lesson but geesh can we get something more original or modernized?


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sammy seems to like these raeng role...prob. want to challenge herself even more but not my cup of tea storyline wise

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This was better than I expected. The n'ek is pretty much like Lamyorng as in she has no redeeming qualities as a person but she's more self respect than Lamyorng who sleeps with anyone. I couldn't feel bad for Pring. So what you were abused as a kid, you managed to escape your attacker and you lived with a your brother and sister in law who raised you. I don't get why Pring held such a grudge against her sister in-law, she only punished you because you were rebellious and lazy, overall she's a pretty nice woman who loves her. Plus her brother was also a nice man, no need to skip his funeral. Pring is just greedy, nothing is ever good enough for her. I felt bad for Pinit the most, he is nothing but kind to Pring and all she does is manage to kill him and ruin his family along the way.

Prasun was my favourite among the husbands despite him leaving his family for Pring. Note is just so sexy in this role as a doctor and he's so stalkerish like a normal p'ek haha. He and Jakjaan had hot chemistry as well, that makeout scene was wow. Lucky that the husband she had the most chemistry with was the only one who had spicy love scenes with her.

Pring got what she deserved in the end, you just can't root for a selfish idiot. Poor Choy who loves her so unconditionally.