[Ch7] Chat Lamchi (Coliseum) : Tubtim Anyarin/Louis Hess /PP Patchaya/Hone Thanakorn

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    Most likely going to be evening.
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    Oh I thought Tubtim did primetime now, bummer for her if this is a demotion
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    Tubtim goes back and forth with evening and primetime. Is this really evening though? Louis just had a prime time lakorn where he was lead too
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    It's prime time. an action comedy musical lakorn. Tubtim play as doctor Salinee and Louis as a military officer name Chart. They look cute together. Hopefully the scripts is good.

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  5. Maricon

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    A reunion since LRSKF. It's nice to see them together again, this time as leads.
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    On Air this Wednesday 14 March @ 20:30

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