[Ch7] Baan Sila Dang (Polyplus)


sarNie Juvenile
Ncmeowmeow35 said:
I seem to like Pon and Tle couple better for some reason.
I agree with you! I like Pen more the Pon, but couple wise. I enjoy watching Pon and Tle together. For some reason, the other P'ek's expression seems emotionless. Honestly, I've to admit that I did skim thru Pen's couple scene a bit and only watch when Pen beat up the bad people in the house.


sarNie Elites
I think both twins are doing fantastic on their roles! Pon is so adorable and sweet with wat and pen is hot and sassy with thrie!

And also I actually think it was a good idea that they had the pon's character be played really weak rather than just somewhat weak bc it set up for a very high satisfactory motive for the viewers when payback came around. If pon's character hadn't been played weak enough, then the bad people's mistreatment of her would have just felt blah and over the top....in my opinion.

I also think the pa and nat characters are hilarious..."nat's" acting (his real name slips my mind) is especially good in here. Hope he gets more lakorns. Lol


Ky the Star
i know it's been like five years and then six in a month, but i stumble upon this and really wanted to watch this lol
i've been in a weird funk and haven't been here in ages and hoped to find a way to watch and luckily thanks to @thailakornvideos i can!
thanks and hopefully i'll enjoy this a lot better now than back then haha