[Ch5] Narak (EXACT)


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Oh man it would've been good if Son and Pattie were together!! Darn it!! Such luck I have
Ter and Pattie have worked together so they're close. If anyone wants to watch Pattie's other works I recommend Hormones the Series. You won't regret it!
Gypsy is pretty but...there's something.


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"Narak" is one title on my most anticipated list for next year. I'm loving the cast and Exact's rom-coms! Looking forward to Chakrit and Rodmay, they're so darn cute! And i'm happy Chakrit and Son will be working with each other a lot (here and in Pentor). Love these men! XD I don't think Son and Gypsy look as great together, but their first and last lakorn together was my favorite this year, so i'll be looking forward to seeing how their chemistry is here. I'm not sure what to expect since they were only semi paired up in the last lakorn, but i'm most excited to see him grow stronger as an actor. Never seen Ter and Pattie's work, so all this will be fun! Loving the cast and wardrobe, so i hope the script delivers!

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Narakkkkk! ^^


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lovestar said:
If anyone wants to watch Pattie's other works I recommend Hormones the Series. You won't regret it!
If you're into watching high school teenage drama, then I would recommend it too! Personally, I loved it.

Darn, I wish Pattie and Son were paired up together. I wanted them for a little something new since Gypsy and Son were paired up once already. But either way, I have a good feeling about this lakorn!


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Since this page covers both Leh Nang Fah & Naruk, might as well share it in this thread as well. :lol:
Credit: sirpass @ Pantip.



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This lakorn totally slipped past me. I only looked it up because I read that it was airing after Koom Nang Kruan, so I'm guessing it won't air until March 24th or 25th, depending if KNK ends with 19 or 20 episodes, or March 31st if KNK ends with 21. However, it looks interesting, so I'll tune in.


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hmm wow looks interesting. Is there no storyline at all?? ahah great more works of Gypsy I like her from HJRP haha and now with Son so it should be exciting ;)


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huajaikaungtur said:
This lakorn is already coming after Koom Nang Kruan? Wow, so soon :D
I'm liking the cast, wonder what the storyline is...
Yes, right now it's set to air after KNK. Leh Nangfah is airing after E-sa, while Aninthita will air after Leh Nangfah. So far, no info yet. Maybe they'll start releasing more when it gets closer to the airing date.


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These lakorns are coming so fast! It seems like just yesterday it was all excitement with the news of them going into production. But no complaints here! I like the production pace of Exact lakorns, it keeps the excitement in momentum for fans/viewers and the timeline isn't too pressing for the crew. I'm curious about the plot and how each character plays in. What I'm most looking forward to seeing: the beauuutiful sets and locations (Exact's usually good at this), the chic wardrobe, and the Shakrit-Rodmay pairing. (And well, Son in general.XD) I like Khun Phaoon's work, so I pray that it's true rom-COM! ^^

Some photos from the past weeks of production.

With Khun Julie Stylist. I really like her work.

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K. Director Phaoon and K. Producer(?) Kongpiya

Adorrrre this photo!!^^

Latest from Exact. ^^

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Chakrit & Rodmay?  I think I just died :D :D :D
Ter & Pattie .. they look adorable :)  Totally not used to seeing P'Ter in lakorns hehe.
Son & Gypsy :3
So is Pattie officially with Grammy now? or is she a freelance?