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What the people at Nok's house don't understand was that they did ESa a great sin, and that she's not truly a bad person. She believed in love at that time when she ran away with Sopa, also she cared for Sopa and didn't want Sopa to kill herself.
She was infatuated with Tan Chai as a teen, and was blindly in love with him. If they never took her son away she would have been fine. So Nok has no idea what her (basically thieving Sa's son away) impact had on Sa. Sa also didn't purposely kill Tan Chai. She overdosed him because she didn't know alot about medicine.
They also don't know Ying Sopa tried to kill herself, that's why Sa agreed to do go with her and just run away. At that time Sa believed in love, and she really thought Somsak really loved Sopa. However, he also wanted Sopa's body. You cant marry someone and not expect a sexual relationship. So even Ying Sopa had a HUGE hand in Somsak falling for Sa and having an affair with her. How many times did Sa resist Somsak over the years? Many. Eventually of course she caved, sad, but it happens. Ying Sopa was young and had unrealistic expectations. They fail to realize that at the age Sa was, she wasn't very mature and was naive. So they blame Sa, because obviously Ying Sopa was completely innocent. Young girls living a sheltered life can fall very hard if a guy woos them enough. They'll even throw their family behind. It happens all the time, even in real life, and that is what Ying Sopa did, she would have done it even if Sa was not in the picture.
I think if Sa had a heart, and that was why she was willing to let Ying Sopa have Sopit. Ying Sopa only slept was Pong once, and she was traumatized. He must have been rough and it must have been very painful for her since she was a virgin.Yet, she knew what she was doing to Somsak was wrong, however, she wanted him to remain celibate for the rest of his life and be faithful to her. That is a lot to ask of a man, and Somsak didn't know he'd have to deal with that.
Sa took on jobs to support the whole family. Obviously Somsak couldn't work and neither could Ying Sopa. Over the years, after being seduced so many times Sa gave in. She deeply regretted it, but she gave in a second time too. She has a very sensual personality. She tried to leave. She tried to get with Wit, but Somsak wouldn't give up.
Sopa didn't have to kill herself. She could have gone home but she was too ashamed of herself. Her mom would have accepted her back, albeit like the bitch her character is. 
Rant over, I'm busy today.


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I'm fine with with this , it not giving me any good hope. I'm just... die when guy and mo couldn't get together and when he slept with another... urghhh. I'm just done.


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Oh no, Guy slept with another girl? :eek:
I haven't been following this lakorn for a while, been missing Guy & Mo's scenes but aww, really? C'mon now, Guy T__T


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So glad that the lakorn ended. It's so dragging plus the end sucks cause they seem to rush it. Started to like Mo more and more. She's not the prettiest but she do has a side of her that's very actractive and likeable. Nike and Lily.


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I thought there be at least tmw EP, so Nike and Lilly can at least get to know each other more with a happier ending and more sweet scenes or engagement..


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So this lakorn about Esa's life. In the end she goes back home. I just felt she should have explained to the family why she left in the first place. Ending was flat.
Funny the guy she was sleeping with decided to call his wife. Like that was quick!


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Hi! I've missed a lot of episodes and all of a sudden I've learned that this lakorn has ended. :'( Is there any kind-hearted people here who can share any small information about what happened to Guy's character and of course, about Mo? Just the ending part. Thank you! :D


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Not really a fan of Noon but yeah i love Mos and Captain. I have never seen Mos act like this before. I have to say it's quite interesting. Lol Captain look funny and Mos look like a pervert. Noon and her daughter kind of look alike in some part. They are both pretty. No offenses but Pong does not look attractive at all in this lakorn. Him and Noon both looked horny. lmao sorry for saying that.

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After all the disasters from Exact, I think this lakorn may be one of the best I've seen from them. I really liked some of the realism they included in this lakorn such as the part where Sa leaves her life as a nun because she cannot get used to it. Other lakorns make it seem like such an easy transition from life of evil to a life of a peace. Sa isn't even evil but she couldn't even stay because she is only human and she couldn't combat her human urges. However I did find it hilarious that she had to take a cold shower since she couldn't forget her times of intimacy with her men LOL.
I don't think Somsak is too bad of a person. Horny yes, but in his own special way he cares for those around him. Believe it or not but I believe that he loves both Sopa and Sa but in very different ways. It is also shown when he died, he thought of them both equally. He probably would have learned to fully love Sopa if she agreed to be intimate with him. It's only human nature to want sex and as awful as it sounds, sex connects people. Sopa is only 16 so it's not surprising that she thinks it is realistic to have a husband and wife type relationship without sex and expect Somsak to feel the same way. They do have a husband and wife relationship in a sense but it is more like an 80 year old couple's relationship. He loves Sa more I think, she offers him much more and he is right, they are both sensual people. Pong and Noon have that electric chemistry that makes you just want them to give in to each other already throughout every scene they are in together. For me I felt like their story was more of a lakorn pra'nang type story, we have the jealousy, the sexual tension, the care they have for each other. The scene were Somsak goes back to find Sa during the air raids made me believe he truly cares for her, the worry and the love confession felt real and not just a way to get in her pants. I'm not going to lie, I was sad when he died. I also think Sa loved him the most out of all her lovers since he was her first true love.
Noon does well in these type of roles. Sa is not evil or rude even, she's just too much of a dreamer and too connected to what is around her. Yes she took away Sopa from Prim in a sense but she was never rude to Prim, she always knew her place around her which was what I liked about her. I think if she didn't push Somsak away and started a life with him she would be happier but the guilt was too much for her and she would later realize that she loved the passion (wrong or not) between her and Somsak and she cannot bring herself to love the soft and romantic type like Wit. Poor Wit, what a beautiful soul, his character just breaks my heart. Sa loved Somsak, Seki and Santana so much but she couldn't love and treat a sweetheart like Wit right which is sad but shows she likes her men rough and powerful and Wit just couldn't do it for her.
Mos really is one of the best actors, who knew a sweet faced guy like him could play a villain so convincingly? His character was fun to watch. It also looks like he had a blast in his death scene too. What a first meeting his and Sa's was, sleeping together within hours of knowing each other is new.
Nike is not a looker but he's a really good actor, he also has good chemistry with both Mo and Lily. He pulls off the gentlemanly and fair Raveechuangchod well. Ravee is quite a weak character. Sa asks him for help about Sopid and Santana's boss and he just brushes it off thinking that he won't dare mess with her and he just stood there as he sees his sister being kidnapped, at least do something as a brother and not just thinking like a freaking judge all the time.
Mo is definitely underrated, her crying is perfection and she pulls off the proud and scorned Sopid so well. You kind of hate Sopid for being such a bitch sometimes. I get that you have a grudge for Sa's actions but Sa is nothing but kind to you so you should have loosened up a lot more. That being said I don't think Sa deserves a lot of the hate she gets, some things are beyond her like Sopa's decisions and Sopid getting kidnapped. I think her aunt was a bit too harsh to her.
This is probably one of Exact's better lakorns. Pacing was good, enough to get to know characters and understand each and every one of their motives. The acting was superb, everyone played their part well.