[Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Kisses! Thanks for capping this lakorn, one of the worst lakorns ever, example of why i will never watch ch5 again unless its a collab with them and ch7. Yeesh Nai waited all these years for a special someone and his special someone wants to be a nun, well Nai you can go give your virginity to Mon then, she'll be waiting.


sarNie Adult
good thing I stop watching when the mother found out...it was dragging to me...started good...r else I would be soo piss lol...damn exact


OMG I am sooo disappointed at the end. I like how Dok Soke just made Khun Nai a virgin forever. She married the dude and left in an instance. Could have at least slept w/ him first. Damn...poor guy lol. I hate the ending. Never seen a lakorn w/ an ending like this one before. Sucks.


sarNie Hatchling
you have got to be f'en kidding me...that was such a horrible ending...i watched this for Pong and because I found Charbelle cute...but the ending totally killed it for me...like seriously...they could not have left it at the wedding scene (i for one would have been satisfy to have that be the ending)...they had to add in that stupid scene where she leaves him...so what, she's going to punish him but not allowing him ever to get married again because she married him and then walks away without giving him a divorce????...

I have got to say that I totally agree with many of you about channel 5 (exact) script writer and how sucky they are with their ending...this is not the first drama from channel 5 where i was disappointed in the ending...being a sappy romance lover person, i like having happy endings where our p'ek and n'ek ends up together....I had enjoy this drama up until the last few episode.

Once again channel 5 has disappointed me with an ending to one of their drama. The first one that totally killed me was Luerd Kattiya where they killed off Anothai...like seriously....did they have to kill of my baby Tik's adorable character? (I have got to say that was my all time favorite character for Tik, must have been the whole "man in a uniform" thing...LOL)... And then I was also disappointed in Reuan Pae, where they killed off the n'ek and Tono's character....seriously she should have ended up with Son's character. There are many other disappointing endings, but these are the ones right off the top of my head.


♥Korean Obsessed♥
I loved this lakorn. I didn't really like any of the other characters in her family, besides her guy cousin. He was so sweet. I loved their relationship. I also loved how, although n'ek is weak, she's not super weak. When Khun Nai asked her what happened or who did what to her, she didn't say nothing or no one, she was honest. I also like how she stands up for herself with Ou. However, I didn't like the ending. I love Pong and Charebelle. To me, their chemistry was so great. Yeah, I do find it disturbing that she marries her mom's ex, I wouldn't do that but hey, it's a lakorn. They always have some twisted plot, well....most of the time. The ending was so disappointing. I watched the Hmong dubbed version, sure they cut out parts as usual, but for once, I'm actually satisfied, because in the Hmong dubbed version, they just ended with Dok Soke and Asanai's wedding. Also, I find Ek very handsome, to me, he looks like Porshe from ch.7. I hope Pong and Charebelle pair up again but with a better ending. I'm glad they are giving Charebelle more n'ek roles. :)


sarNie Oldmaid
One31 started re-airing this yesterday, and they're uploading the full episodes in their YouTube channel.

Wow, the production really looks so dated. Reminds me of Filipino dramas. But piqued to see how the cast fared back then (being relatively new to Thai dramas in general).