[Ch3] You Touched My Heart ( Hokseeeiawtv ) : Patricia Good/ Push Puttichai


sarNie Egg
Hok See Eiaw Tv have been reveal the first picture of heroines Patricia Good and heroes Push Puttichai in “ You Touched My Heart “. Just the title it already sweet and even the picture also steal over heart already, the hold drama gonna be insane for sure. And the pic come with the caption as “ Because "you" is ... the best of my heart ❤
This is the first match of "Patricia Thanchanok Good" who asked to turn the character to play the role. young economist PhD degree from USA be straight forward Be serious about work, work is work, personal is personal. Make people around you think that it's difficult.
Product by organizer "Patchanee Charuchinda" on behalf of Six Siew Co., Ltd.

As for more information let wait and see together.

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