[CH3] Yan Thip (Broadcast Thai Television) : Toey Pongsakorn/Namtarn Pichukkana


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Since Toey and Namtarn just have the fitting for their first lakorn together not long ago they will also be pair up for Broadcast too.

Here the title (I don't know the English title so need help on translate) please let me know the English title so i can change the thread.

Title: ญาณทิพย์

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Tried Google Translate and it means Clairvoyance and the Thai title is like "Yan Thip"???

Hmmmm back to back lakorns of a new pairing even when their first lakorn together hasn't filmed or still being filmed happen often nowadays (Tik and Mai, JJ and Taew for example LOL)


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@Maricon I use google translate but I wasn't to sure if that how it was spell because google tent to not spell correct that why I ask who know Thai better or is Thai can translate so I don't get it wrong. :)

Thanks Maricon.

Here a Synopsis

Main woman character has heart disease since she was born. One day she get worse symptom and has to be sent to Hospital, has to get surgery to change her heart. One monk sacrifices his heart for her. Then, when she is out of hospital and realize that she has mental power that can stop everything and see any incident but she must do one condition that she will do a good thing for other people.

Main male character was adopted by her family, worked as policeman. Then she will help him to investigate with any case. This makes connection between them.

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Wait they have a second one already? Lol I just thought the title might have changed lol. Such an odd trend we have going.


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wow another lakorn with Toey? Are they a trending couple now? lol *kidding* i wish i can see Tarn pair up with top praek from ch but ok at least she has more larkorn.


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Here are some update news:

From this link it said that Cheer is in here with Toey and not Narmtarn.

link to rumors news:


I really really hope N'Kong do not make this happened. Just let Namtarn and Toey have this lakorn and find something new for Cheer and Toey. I'm praying :angel10::angel10::angel10: hard please don't let this happened. Haven't hear or see any other news outlet like tkb_ch3 IG, or Komchadluek, news from CH3 IG site confirm yet. I'll be sooooooooooooooo disappointment if this is the lakorn they reunite in. I want to see Cheer and Toey in a slap/romance/revenge lakorn. Cheer have not yet play those type of lakorn yet or role yet. She already place action/ sci-fi lakorn already and those role that have power already.

Please do not merge this thread with Cheer and Toey thread yet I'm waiting for more update to hear from N'Kong or from Cheer to confirm are they really in here before merge.


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I mean considering Toey and Namtarn already have that other lakorn in which they are paired, I don't really care either way. I haven't actually watched Toey and Cheer's part of the Cupids yet, but fan seems to like them so I would not be surprised if this happened.


sarNie Adult
anyone know about this project? pls update.

Just finished Prakasit Kammathep, love Toey and Namtarn there.
I hope this project didn't cancelled. I love them too after watching their first lakorn together. Also I love the storyline haha.