[Ch3] Wiang Kum Kam (Broadcast Thai): Pope Thanawat/Bella Ranee


Pope's #1 Mia RAK
Lol because he broke a vow. In our culture, when ever we make a vow lord knows why we always say: if I break this vow may I die by lightning strike. :facepalm:
Oh so kind of like the American "fear" that if we lie we'd better watch out for lightning.
Well every lakorn's got something super whack in it. It's more a matter of how they make it work than how crazy it is


Ayyyy all the gang's here!
Hope this lakorn lives up to at least half of what BPS was
Hahaha. We said we wouldn't, but I think you can tell that we've already set camp here.

It's a weird story. The praek will get strikes by a lightning and reborn lol.
What the. Haha. You know. I still don't know what the storyline is. Everytime I come here I think of Bella's Pee Kaew Nang Hong. Hahahaha. And I'm like Pope just wants to sleep with nang'ek, but then I think about it and realize no, Pope has multiple wives in here.

chi chi

sarNie Juvenile
So glad they are not in here! Latest Bella’s interview and she is set to be in Song Sanae Ha, which is Aum’s old lakorn which she will be twins in there....I’m so glad, but she keeps getting challenging roles each time and kudos to Bella, she sure is the it girl right now :)