[Ch3] Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (No Problem)

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
First episode was kind of boring TBH. LOL Artit's baby brother's name is Nadech (inside joke for Paajaew i suppose) I fast forwarded a lot of scenes and i am kind of disappointed but i'll continue watching since i know the upcoming episodes will be good. Mae Nee is annoying, Yaya's doing a good job.

Miss Bouakham

sarNie Hatchling
I love the scenery, despite the LQ youtube file :whahuh: .

Not much to say yet, since it's only the first episode. I'm just so happy to see yadech on screen that I can't complain otherwise :D Although I'm sooooo dreading the Athit/Toon scenes. Can't wait for english subs so I can rewatch it...


sarNie Juvenile
- Omg! TNNKK is so good! Just got done watching the first ep. It was great! Very funny and entertaining. I watched without eng sub but will do rewatch it again after Wishboniko subs. Yay, I'm so happy that TNNKK is finally out! :D


sarNie Adult
i felt like i was in lecture class when they talk about farm/land stuff. i find the first epi to be boring, but i enjoy the funny parts esp when nadech spoke isan. hopefully tmwr epi is better. lol

Miss Bouakham

sarNie Hatchling
thanks for the picture jennaloveu. Wow, 20000 fans on FB, huh?
Whatever the rating may be, I think it's proven that TNNKK and yadech is loved world-wide :dance1:


sarNie Adult
I'm soooo sad!!! I want to watch it already! Unfortunately, I'm in China for the next couple weeks and they don't allow access to YouTube here....does anyone know where I can watch it besides YouTube and Streaming LIVE? I will appreciate it a lot!!! PLEASEEEE!!! :D


sarNie Adult
Taday's episode was good. This version Nee is not as annoying and she does'nt bother Ahtit as much.​
But will see how tommorow episode would be like. I'm loving Ahtit role though. He is really is a gentlemen.​
I love Nadech e-sarn. He looks sexy talking in e-sarn! Can't for the next episode!​
Did we ever think that we won't like Athit??? lol... I am already in love with his gentle nature. I am such an easy sell when it come to Nadech's characters.
I like Nee too... very childish but I guess she has LOTS more growing up to do.

First epi. made me laugh and glad that it didn't get all too preachy about farming. They kept it just good amount.

It is a feel good lakorn and I am all giddy every time Nadech & Yaya comes on screen. Can't wait for tomorrow.....


sarNie Oldmaid
Ep.1 was alright. start off well. n'ek is so naughty but cute cause play by Yaya make this character come out adorable, if other n'eks play, i dunno i may dislike n'ek. p'ek such a good guy. Nadech play it well, fits him. omg p'ek have so many siblings haha. so sweet of him to be so respectful to his elders,bow down to their feet to greets them, cause barely see in modern day lakorns these days. it's so cute/funny p'ek like to tease n'ek call her "khun yah noi"/khun yah darunee noi". haha. and so nice to see Nadech vow e-saan in the lakorn.it was funny the workers kept saying p'ek is so handsome, say his lip all red wanna kiss him if they were a girl. but was a bit disappointed that Yadech's songs wasn't the title and end songs. but whatever we get to heard in the lakorn anyways. can't wait for ep.2