[CH3] Toong Sanaeha (Good Feeling) : Top Jaron/ Toey Jarinporn/ Bomb Tanin/ Denkhun Ngamnet


sarNie OldFart
Okay so the article basically said it’s set in the 70’s and the lakorn is very similar to Chippy and Puen’s lakorn from 2015, the one that had good ratings.


sarNie Adult
Home for the holidays and my mom is reading this and its sequel Watsana Ruk. The sequel will probably be made into a lakorn too. It's similar to Chippy and Puen's because the book author is the same person. He also wrote a bunch of others including Krong Kam, Ching Chang and the Parakit Ruk series.

So like his other books it's a big cast of characters with messy relationships all over the place. The main story is about star-crossed lovers in Yupin and Praitoon.