[CH3] Thrab Fah Mee Tawan (Sonix Boom): Mark Prin/ Kao Supassra


sarNie Adult
I really am starting to like Kao! She’s really cute and doesn’t need all that make up!! One of the lakorns I’m anticipating because this production is usually good as well!


sarNie OldFart
When I did the google translate, it translated to episode.
It's a give and take with Google translation.

I guess in general we rarely see 23 + eps unless it is an evening lakorn at 1 hr.....not that it can't be but I guess I don't see/believe it


sarNie Tombstone
there is no way it will be at 23 ep i think they will film and cut it to maybe 15 ep max or 16

seems his character here will be sadistic they barely sharing any sign or anything how things are so yeah i'm sooo curious