[CH3] Thong Eak Mor Ya Tah Chaloang (Sonix Boom) Mario Maurer / Kim Kimberley

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  1. phatman

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    Yeah. I thought it was because of something, but it's because being a physician is a big responsibility and he doesn't want his grandson to bear the burden just yet.
  2. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    "If grandpa won't teach me, then you'll be the one to teach me."
    "I'm not teaching you. "
    "Then who are you going to teach?"
    "I'm not going to teach anyone."
    "Then who's going to teach me?"
    "Anyone who isnt me."

    The back and forth dialogue is so short but so cute. And it shows Chaba and TA growing closer, kekeke
  3. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    Yes i too would love to see Kim and PJ in a lakorn one day.
  4. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    I loved that to nod.
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  5. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    I couldn't take it so i watches it on my itty bitty phone lol.

    So his dad does want him to be a dr but the grandpa doesn't because he's afraid that his grandson would be hated if he cant cure people like how he was hated. He's also afraid that Thong Ek would contract diseases like his parents.
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  6. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Haha. Thong Ake being all giddy at Chaba's words were so cute!

    I wish they styled Kim's hair like Chongko's. I don't like her hair.
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  7. Ame

    Ame sarNie Egg

    rat ep 3
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  8. MKfan132

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  9. choua_lee16

    choua_lee16 sarNie Hatchling

    Almost done with episode 2 and gosh why did they have to make P'Kla so lovable! I really do hope he gets paired up with someone, maybe Pong, in the end. So far, I'm liking P'Kla more than Thong Eak. P'Kla is just so much more mature than Thong Eak, but of course, I'm loving Thong Eak and Chaba together too!
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  10. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    6.2, dropped but still pretty good.
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  11. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    A little drop from the rural side but the BKK rating jumped up from 9 to 12 kimmy_kimberleyofp_50507037_1193428937488031_589206051099972131_n.jpg
  12. Ele

    Ele sarNie Adult

    It is still good, hopefully, it will go up next week.
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  13. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

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  14. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    thank youuuuuuu for the itty bitty wow his dad got a disease but still want his son to be a doctor?

    they were cute raw and now that i got the lines it's even more cute they are just in such a great harmony naturally and sooo smooth in making me smile with them :lol: tank you for sharing loovveee it :icon12:

    i already predict it will drop slightly cause yesterday ep was like a slow down a little in part 1 they focused a lot on the switch pair that they may made viewer confuse who is with who and maybe made them disappoint that thongek is falling head over heel in love with pong it was dragged a little but it picked up in the second part so they better keep chaba next to thongs :lol:

    but still 12 is already a shock to me good job :clap:
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  15. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    I feel like I ship Thong Eak with Pong more than with Chaba. I Ship Chaba with Glah. Maybe it's just because of the sweet moments between TE and Pong and Glah and Chaba. TE and Pong story would be a perfect cliché story where p'ek saves nang'ek but nang'ek parents don't allow them together. Glah and Chaba story is perfect cliché story of Loving Pra ek and stubborn nang'ek. But then I know that TE and Chaba are the pranangs.

    Also, can I just say that Perm (Chaba's brother) is so cute!!! Is he a new actor, I haven't seen him before.
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  16. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    Yes it will surely be. Keep our fingers crossed!
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  17. adif

    adif ~$m!£€~♡

    these two..:)
  18. _mLove_

    _mLove_ sarNie Hatchling

    I am spending my last day of my 2 weeks Thailand vacation in BKK before coming home on 4/4 too and crossing fingers I run into celebs and promos. :thumbup:
  19. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    @Bieluvr yes that is In Sarin. I have only just discovered him in here and The Man series. He is a cutie!

    I have to giggle at the Chongko being emotional because it's her time of the month. Heh. She cried over everything.

    Looks like Chaba will soften TA and he'll start teaching medicine to her. He probably sympathizes with her since he himself is passionate about medicine.
  20. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Yeah. My thoughts exactly! Haha.

    Yes he's pretty cute. This is my first time seeing him.

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