[CH3] Thong Eak Mor Ya Tah Chaloang (Sonix Boom) Mario Maurer / Kim Kimberley

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    chaba like a zombie :lol:

    looooooooooooooll from happy to mad in seconds
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    wanted to share this a worth reading i used google translate so ..

    it's an interview that the pantip team made with the producer mario, kimberlery and whan

    with the producer
    gold master, Dr. Ya Tha Chalong Chutuda:Personally, I'm a person who likes to do business a lot. When doing a drama, trying to find the way it ripped from the original market. At that time, i was interested in the story of Dr. Sommai . But he studied about herbs At that time, I went to see you because of allergy. Going to find it once is completely cured. When he came out on the show, he went to see At first I thought that he had invented the formula But not the medicine from the priest His first thought was Our Thai herbs This is really amazing. So he decided to study about it. Until feeling that he wanted to make a drama about the doctor So I came back to think that I would do about Thai herbs and then want to do it today. But it is very difficult It will collide with the modern doctor. Therefore turned to better Because at the end of the reign of King Rama 5, Siriraj Hospital was not set up (Going to start setting up) There are various bosses Went to study medicine abroad But the elder himself is not dominant And didn't like it at all Also told everyone that You will not make a definite decision.

    The heart of this story is herbal medicine. But if we increase the cuteness With a romantic comedy, it should be more work. But as a part We will tell you intensely and seriously. Let both of them work together. We are serious about medicine. But in other matters, we put comedy into the mix. Importantly, we have to sit for a hundred percent research on medicine. But if it is a vocabulary or language We will mix romance and comedy. Therefore, why language or words in the story are both ancient and modern. That was like that because he was determined To make it easier to look romantic enough, we will be romantic. Drama, we have Our drama will have a graph up-down. In order to have variety

    How to use this herbal formula?

    and brother who wrote the script went to research. Went to buy all the books at Wat Pho Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's Herb Garden Book Or any textbook about herbs, we have to buy all Department of Traditional Thai Medicine Ministry of Public Health I went to ask for advice. So he found one teacher but when he realized that it was So I recommend Ajarn Komsan At the Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic, clean, Tinnakorn Na Ayuthaya, this teacher The family tree is the royal doctor. Then the teacher is the 6th generation. The teacher will come to help in the formulation of the drug more from our research. Therefore, the recipe that we go into the treatment is really complete.

    What is the obstacle to the filming of this drama?

    Making medicine and researching drugs. Is very heavy Because we have to detail all All drugs taken must be exact and accurate. Which is difficult, it is about taking medicine Taking herbs into the scene like fresh herbs, many drugs, almost all from the pharmacy. Some have to use the roots, but they are not sold, such as the root, must find the freshest root directly from Rayong. Sometimes we have to add ice crates to the herbs. It is an element that we put into it. I don't see it. It's okay. Maybe we can't go down every detail. We can take the whole picture. But when the camera captures the image, it is not correct Even rice, we don't use white. We use an ancient rice that is opaque. We try to keep every detail that is detailed about the drug. Because it is the main idea That we will do medicine and treatment in Thailand Therefore, we need to be precise.

    absolutely agree in this

    Why do you have to be Mario and Kimberly

    This chapter is not really anyone else. Must be Mario only Because Oh is a person who plays sharp comedy and has a very natural nature. With his nature and rhythm, it looks like a comedy While serious seriousness Time to treat the fever Oh, it will be very precise. Inner is very good. Everything is very young. While the hibiscus Must be charming in being a mischievous child Has a good comedy rhythm Which Kim himself has a very high comedy rhythm Therefore, he played a pair Makes the chemistry very good That saw on to be a little part After this, there will be more. Because this is just starting to start (laughs)
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    mario and kim

    The first feeling that has been played Thongmae and Mae Chaba are how?

    Mario Mauer:
    Really talking to Khun Choo for a long time. Pee Pho wants to do a drama about Dr. Ya, a Thai drug. Thai herbs are deep. Enjoy every time you work with Phi Choo Pee Pho than to play as a doctor After that, he lost a long time (smiling) because he went to study medicine. My first feeling was very excited. Because he doesn't know what he plays as a medicine doctor Until Pho Pho would let me see the doctor really And then go to see the actual treatment Because as a Thai medicine doctor, it does not have a reference to see any movies that speak about Thai medicine doctors So I have to go to see the real thing So much more excited Because I was really surprised with the treatment and method of the Thai doctor's fever test.

    Kimberly:At first, Pee Choo called to tell the story. When it turned out that the drama was a comedy, it was the time that Kim wanted to play a comedy. Because then we played a lot of drama I feel like wanting to come back to play comedy. And the story is very interesting It's about contrast from the actor's face (smile) to Kim and Phi Oh. As a couple But had to play in the reign of King Rama V, and was a comedy that ripped off Very interesting There is a story of herbs and medicines involved. In our home is Thai medicine. Which Khun Choo wants to hold up here So that Thai people do not forget Thai herbal medicine because it has a lot of benefits. It's good and there is no effect For our body too

    Have to play the role of 'Doctor Ya'. How is it prepared?

    Mario Mauer:
    Having said that, oh, I never learned a lot about medicine. Knowing just how basic the Fah Talai bandit can help does not come into the deep details. Never knew that a Thai medicine doctor had been there for hundreds of years, just knew that it was wisdom and was a subject of Thai medicine doctors in particular When I talked to Ajarn Komson You said that Thai medicine is an application. Not all Thai subjects like pulsing or pulse really come from the Chinese doctor's pulse. When the Thai doctor went to see Also brought back to apply to our subjects as well Then there was a study like Wata Pita, phlegm like the strength of the heart, blood, body fluids Which is very far away But I tried to read and recite the script quite thoroughly. Surf all night How to surf, not really into the head. Oh, it's a person who can find a long chapter. Oh, don't be afraid. Feeling that it's going to go. It's going to head. Surfing until the end. Oh, have to understand and really have to see the picture. There is no way to speak. If you are good And speaking in gold style, it is difficult I was thrilled myself. And felt that it was a word that didn't go into our head to remember, for example, I couldn't remember it at all

    For Kim to play comedy And how is it?

    Kimberly: The
    first queue will need to be adjusted. Which is a little difficult Because our eyes still have drama But with Chaba being a strong person, a strong man, it is easier to see. With other actors And then Khun Choo, who explained to us The script is also very clear. It was fun. And it doesn't get jammed When the latter The more crazy it is (laughs)

    Chaba vs Kim and Thongs vs Mario

    Kim says that the stream that goes out, people will like to say Do not think Kim can play a joke. Do not think that Kim will tear this line But if a person at home would say This is Kimberly, obviously. Which seems to be similar in that the time at home is crazy But where I like to fight, it will be a hibiscus. Kim would like to be still (laughs). I don't like to hit. Or play anything brutal May be the same burning sensation Because Kim likes to tease people It will be fun. We will laugh Then everyone will know that that is the signature of laughs Kim (smile)

    Mario Maurer: What I really Thong-ek interpretation is that in the age of 19-20 years old, but this is the time. Grew up and had a family There are children in the house, but Thong Thong, he focuses on medicine. But something similar to Oh is fun. That is still a teenager, having a leak, having a liking to tease a woman, pretending to be a woman like this

    i like this producer she work with passion i hope one day kim will work with her again
    Chutada: This drama Our main thing is that we want to honor Thai herbs and Thai medicine doctors. From the past And the results of the response made us happy It will force us to find new things to offer again because of doing something new. In the presentation of the plot There is a risk. But in the end we do all Is difficult for the audience to be happy with our work only Thank you to everyone who encouraged us. Thank you to everyone who is happy with our work. And then appreciated You get to know and be happy there. Have taken it as a power It is encouraging to continue to work as well.

    the link for the original article
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    Tomorrow other episode. I'm so excited, guys. This lakorn is really good and great. I always enjoy Kimberly's lakorn. I love her so much. :icon12::p

    I made this cute fmv for our lovely main couple. Mario and Kim are the best :love:. I hope they can act together in a modern lakorn. Why not? :pancarta:
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    your FMV is sooooo super duper cuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttteee made me smile in a tiring time :icon12: and good job you passed the copyright block :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: i'm a huge fan of FMV made video but because of the copyright it become less and less
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    Thank you so much! It makes me happy know that my fmv gives you a smile in a tiring time! :)

    Yesterday I upload sad fmv about our main couple but it was blocked so I deleted it! :(

    It's sad that they aren't many fmv about thongek because copyright. I enjoy watching fmv :icon12:.
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    Amazing video :).
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    i'm so reaadyyy
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    rehearsal photos
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    Oh my poor heart:sad6: they look so good together :icon12:
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    my fun time will begin
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    Omg. Watching this live right now. Por Kla and Mae Pong! :love::love:
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    the kiss was loooooooooooooooonng too :lol:

    i swear if they don't kill that witch in the end i will be sooo pissed off
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    it's kla pong and dad's ep
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    me right now watching this ep

    they ruined it
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    OMG THE TEASER FOR TOMORROW. Everyone should catch it live. I hope those scenes are not imagined.
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    everyone you all forget about today ep there is no much worth watching let's all jump for tomorrow ep waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Omg tomorrow is going to be so good! So many cute and sweet scenes between Chaba and Thong Ek. If no one is imagining anything then we got a wedding tomorrow :)

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