[Ch3] The Cupids Series Part 3 : Kammathep Online (Broadcast Thai Television) Namtarn & Ken P.

cool :)

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@koojin, Woot woot! Keep it coming! Hahaha. Oh myyyy. Buckteeth Couple too on fiya.

@Xiongurl, yeah I've been pretty busy too. Less AF for me too lol. Hashtag sad.


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@Koojin: Yes! Please keep the cuteness coming!! :D
@Cool: If only we could get paid to spazz over drama's 


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Ha ha ^-^ i love this pair :p I'm glad they pair up again ! Ken & Namtarn are so cute together ^-^ i will definitely watch this lakorn too :D


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Namtarn is so pretty! And Ken is so handsome. Perfect match right there! Theyre so adorable.


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Ok Ken P and Namtarn...you two look cute together. Let say, I cannot wait for this...the whole series!


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cupids casts at 46lovemission ... was kinda disappointing that not all casts were there to share that moment . ( ken , cris ,kenT , ETC. I THINK )