[CH3] Tee Krai Tee Man (Maker K) - Nine Napat, Gina Yeena, Mo Monchanok, Alex Rendell, Ball Jitpanu


sarNie Oldmaid
I haven’t watched Nine or Jeena yet but to hear Alex, Ball, & Mo in here is a combo! Any storyline?

Mo’s getting roles again! It would’ve been nice to see her pair w/ Nine too.


sarNie Adult
Gosh, Nine was so hot in Rak Kan Panlawan, I really hope to see more of him. I wonder what the synopsis is


sarNie OldFart
I'm wishing for him to have a lead role with Kao. They looked good in Kom Faek.
Maybe Ch3 always wanted their praek to be tall? :facepalm:
Yeah i believe the only thing lacking in him is his height. Besides that hes a great actor and also very handsome in my opinion. Idk why ch3 cant just put his height aside. Besides its not like all of their popular actors are tall anyways. Ch3 is full of shorties. And yes him and kao are so good together


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Short Synopsis [Summary]
- - - -
This drama is told about golf player who need to be professional, sudden to got accident, he can't play golf again. One day, psysiotherapist help him to do it again


sarNie Oldmaid
@twister02 I just saw your signature. I'm in love with it!!! Especailly the one with Ongard and Karok. *swoon*

Regarding the short summary, sounds decent. A typical story line but it seems to be more of a dramatic Lakorn. I hope its a bit of comedy. I mean Alex Rendall and Mo look so stunning together. My man Ball still looks good as ever hehe.