[CH3] Tang Parn Kammathep (TV Thunder)


sarNie Adult
I am really excited and looking forward to this!! I adore Preem and think she is capable of growing as an actress. I have no doubt Poh will do great. I don't mind the age gap because I don't find it noticeable. Preem looks more mature than her age and Poh looks good for his.


This is a crazy thought but a fact. Lol

Speaking of Poh&Preem's age difference including Mew in Wanalee, all the young child actresses will soon grow up to be actors like Boy, Nadech, Mark, JJi, etc's nangek. Just the thought of it creeps me out. If Nok Chatchai can act with Janie at that age, when those child actresses grow up, they will def get paired up w/the actors I listed above.

I've never watched the original of this lakorn, but I like Preem, I'll prob give it a chance.


sarNie Adult
sarN said:
yup ~ we don't need a big ship , just the two of us can  set sail this boat HAHA
Count me in too! Even though the age difference is really big but for Preem I'll join in. TBH it doesn't bother me that much until their age diff is pointed out. Anyways Preem susu!!! Someday maybe just someday she'll finally be paired with someone around her age... Just keep building your skills with the veterans I guess.


sarNie Tombstone
somehow i find this couple actually cute, suddenly the age gap issue isn't there at all