[CH3]Song Sanaeha (Makers Group) : Kim Kimberley/ James Ma


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Luckily James character is more a background than main, looking at last few lakorns of his I don’t think he has develop much as an actor.


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Not sure but I think they will hold an opening ceremony for the lakorn like an official one because what they did before was like an opening prayer for the first filming day.
Thank you for your answer. :icon12:
I also like the light makeup of Kim, waiting for the surprise that Kim will bring to me in this play. :love:


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Translated by google translate.

Tomorrow at 09.00 hrs. The two-stage drama sacrifice ceremony with Phra-Nang James Kumar-Kimberly At the table of entertainment news, don't miss out!

Old photos

Read it from elsewhere , don't know it is right or not :
The plot reveals: Kim’s villain role is move around in five men, good at pretending to be good people and then using others, selfish, vanity, taking drugs, etc.
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