[CH3]Song Sanaeha (Makers Group) : Kim Kimberley/ James Ma


sarNie OldFart
So Kim won’t be playing a twin? Since they’re trying to cast someone who looks similiar to her to play the other twin. . I wonder why since they usually just have the actor just play two different character.
No I’m pretty sure she’s still playing both twins but it’s probably for the scenes where both twins are in the same scene and are talking to each other and they just need someone who looks like Kimmy from the back.


sarNie Hatchling
Yeah the chemistry is real. Kim makes James Ma look sexy. It's inexplicable. I was close to zero excited about the pairing but now.... Also really happy to see Maker and Kim patch up. I somehow feel Yossie is behind this, she seems to have a soft spot for the 4HJKK gang. And with Bella leaving they needed another strong actress and at this point with Matt sorta radioactive that left Kim up for contention. I regret Alek though he's capable !


sarNie Egg
James and Kimmy look so sexy in the fitting photos! Kimmy is going to be great in here, I just hope Jame’s character will be more important in this remake. I didn’t watch the original but I caught a few clips on IG and it looks good. I’m watching the interview behind the scene and Jett and Kimmy seems nervous but it’ll get better once they start filming. I read somewhere on IG that filming starts next month.


sarNie Hatchling
Sorry if this is off-topic but man looking at Jett in between career beauties like JMa and Kim makes me feel sorry for myself because I know I'm more the Jett in that situation :risas3: