[Ch3] See Loh Koh Sueb (TV Scene)


sarNie Adult

New lakorn from Tv scene, It fitting yet. It has new four pra'ek. It is 
- Bank Artit from Cubic (Lin Pei Ing)
- Ohm Kanin from Thong Nuer Gao (Apichart, Guang's son)
- Chap Warakorn from Samee (police who is friend with n'ek) 
- Kwan Kpn (New Actor)

and it has four new n'ek, 
- Fortune Kanokkarn from Looktas (Dara, Nititham's finance)
- Butr Butrsiri from Looktas (Dang, Nititham's sister)
- Grace Kittika from Looktas (Opcheoy)
- Mo Anuthida from Nai Suan Kwan (Pra'ek sister)


sarNie OldFart
Ahhhh Chap as one of the praeks ?? I've always thought he was a hottie from Knom Jeans mv. Sadly, I'm skipping this one....eh newbies nowadays ehhh lol thanks for sharing the news ^^


sarNie OldFart
I have never seen any of the pra'ek before. As for the nang'ek i have seen the two last girls on the Individual picture. There are many new actors/actress. I wont put high hopes and expectations for them. The only thing i hope for is for their acting to be bearable.