[CH3 SD] Barp Ruk Talay Fun (Quiz & Quest) : Dream Natanop / Mew Laknara


sarNie Adult
They had finish shooting already
Credit : mayrunny, ibees_ipr, leejenmu, katang_varadol, vachara_tor


































sarNie Juvenile
Don't like main casts
But this one is decent for a remake
Hopefully they change the parts of how p-ek sister came to be with n-ek and her family


sarNie Rebel
Woah! Just watched the trailer and Dream really has the sadist, mean p'ek look down, especially towards the end when he's like creepily whispering towards her. I love Mew Laknara and it's been awhile since I've seen her. I might give this a try.


sarNie Juvenile
is this a remake. What's the storyline. The title seems like a revenge my type of lakorn. new main casts I'm ok with. Can't wait


sarNie Granny
Remake of Pat & Por T lakorn. It's wasn't that long ago , 2006 I believe, take that back -- it reach the famous 10years mark to get remake lol


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I was looking through the old version with Por T and Pat, makes me miss the power 3 team actors and actresses


Ky the Star
my sister just started watching this and likes it.
i thought it seemed familiar and saw it so long ago and can't believe it's that old now to even get a remake.
i don't remember much of the story, but i was hoping someone could spoil it a bit of how the original one about please?
not sure if i wanna watch this as i don't know any of the leads and don't feel like they quite match, but that's me though. lol