[CH3] Sataya Tis Tarn (Who and Who): Son Yuke/Diana Flipo

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  1. D~D

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    I think they must had been at the same event/party and decide to take pictures together. Just so you know, Bella Vanita was also in the photo but I cut her out .:pancarta:
  2. Aah! Son and Mew would've been cute! No offense but I also agree with the majority in here on why Diana is so promoted as n'ek. I am not her fan but keeping my mind open. Per their picture they don't look too bad! Lol. By the way I am neutral with Son.
  3. DaoRisa

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    Wonder if any one know more info to share?
  4. xodxo

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    Ooo just saw some bts of Sonyuke carrying Diana and they look so cute together!! Aww!! Gosh, is Sonyuke freelance or is he part of ch3 now? Khun Kai must really adore him to pieces hehe :D


    Son and Diana really do have chemistry though!
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  5. jjinxx

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    Thanks for sharing the link!
  6. MKfan132

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    Thanks for sharing :).
  7. Koy123

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  8. jjinxx

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    Thanks for the link!
    Lol I watch Son and Diana, so I'm super excited!
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  9. S.J.M

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    I’m interested!
    The teaser actually looks good.
  10. xcinsationalx

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    I'm not a Diana fan, but this looks quite good. I hope someone subs this.
  11. beamsgirl

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    I like Diana. I think and am hoping that with more practice and opportunities she’ll get better. I feel like some other A-listed n’eks acting is just like her or to her level but got to where they’re cause of their looks but to each their own.

    The teaser looks great though. But mew and Sons pictures together looks really good too! Maybe new and son need to do a period lakorn together soon
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  12. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    Where did you find pictures of Mew with Son?
    The teaser looks so intense. Seems like Son is going to be abused so much T-T

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