[Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)


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Tee is such a dog lol he doesn't deserve anyone! I haven't watched today's episode yet maybe wait til Sunday so I don't have to wait haha. I feel for Gorn tho, it's just said she fell for someone that doesn't love her back....sigh the depression in that is so sad. Hopefully she'll she that Ob is way better than Teethut! =)

Moey glad your feeling better. You probably don't remember me but it's P'Nueng =)


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I love all of Marie and Boy's scene today especially the beginning of today episode when they sing together.heheh. Too cute. Remind me of Wanida since the song from Wanida was one of the song they sing.heheh. :)


i loled when wat and fai were singing. i believe in opposite attract but there much be common interest in the mix as well. so sad there wasnt much of koey but there moments together is always fun to watch even though they last about 4 minutes. i hope to see some progression soon with koey. enough of phao chasing thee. i want the roles to switch soon.

i feel bad for ken. isn't this supposed to be his promotion? there is too much mark/mahk to consider this ch3 promoting ken. very unfair. i do like krit but common!!! aew still get on my nerves, she has yet made it official to cut ties completely with pran. i want to see aew to start having some feelings with krit already or they could at least make her fearful of dating again because of pran but i dont see any of that.


true true it is meant to be Ken's promotion but it all about mark and Kim mind you i love them both lol.

but if i had to chose i rather Ken just be as he is, i think this role is show alot of his potential.


my aunt is fine we just had to replace a feeding tube since my gma accidently pulled out. i havent been on lately because now i have to take care of two people who are incapable to take care of themselves. this is why i cant go in the medical field, i almost fainted when i had to insert a tube to keep the hole from closing.

yes kat, i like krit's character but it would be nice if screen time was evenly distributed since this promotion is for ken.

i guess no one has been spamming lately. im starting to lose interest if they keep showing markim like 1/2 the time where there is not much progression. i think the problem i have most with is aew. she comes up with the lamest excuse, first she thought he was gay and now she is claiming he wants to find fault in her so he can fire her. and she hasnt yet completely broken off with pran. erg kim annoyed me in ruk pathiharn too. i hope she will get roles that are reasonable in the near future.


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Yeah. Kim is starting to annoy me too. This is why I skip her and marks scene majorty of the time. lol I only watch Koey's scene. ahahaaa
I too wish to see more of Koey as well. Their short amount of time can really get you all smiley. Although short, it's still cute and silly. :)
I love how Thee is getting all jealous and such. Too cute. :wub:
All I got to say about todays episode is that I LOVE KOEY. :heart: they make me feel like this :kiss3: :blush: lol I can't wait for tmrs episoe. I'm not excited for Wat and Fai's willing scene. I'm still mad about it. :rant: lol jkky
Whatever though. As long as I kkoow that Bargie is going to reunite for the third time then i'm all good. :D :dude: ahaah


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I'm actually enjoying this lakorn but like the majority of you here, Aew is beginning to bother me. She already knows that Pran is cheating on her and a cheap ass. Why she won't just dump him (reminds me of K-OTIC's song "Ting Kow Sa"...LOL)?! It is already episode ten going on 11 but Aew and Krit still aren't on the same track. Aew should just open her heart to Krit and kick Pran to the curb.
My favorite couple right now is Faai and Wat. ;)


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spoiler! you guys have to watch this ep NOW!!

oh god... today was like.. AHHH R scene!!
and the preview.. ken was like.. i like you .... :DDDDD


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Today like yesterday i got up late again but i did get to watch the last 20 mins of today episode. I love boy. Woosen (i think thats how u spell her name) saw boy and marie willing scene. Oh no.. She walk in on it. Hopefully she dont tell anyone. After the willing scene, the next morning, boy is being kick out by Marie. Then he confess to her " i am happy whenever i am with you" then mark line from yesterday " you are a special person to me" aww... Cute. Yesterday mark say that to kim, today boy say it to marie and hopefully tomorrow ken say it to koey!!!!! I cannot wait for tomorrow episode. According to the preview ken confess to toey that he like her!!! Oh my gosh.. First she was like " stop the game" as in we need stop bothering each orher then he say something, i forgot, but i know he did say " i like you" though. Then we have kim running to mark and start hugging him. B/C i think her man was being an ass. Woosen is talking to boy gf.Dk what they say hopefully she does not tell her about tge willibg scene. Whats even more crazy boy gf went to marie room and start yelling at her to open up. Then we seen her holding a gun!!!!! And i am not sure if she is holding it during that sxene b/c you see kim and the others in mark room all surprise. And marie was there too. I think . Gah. I am so excited to see tomorrow episode!!!!


sarNie Hatchling


pao: end of game.
Tee: cannot do that! pao, i like you- it is the truth

aew: from now on.. both of us don't have anything towards each other any more
plan: aew don't think that you're gonna ever be happy
*aew cried 'khun krit.. but how come the guy she hugs looks like her bro?>.<*

naam: nang fai, your boss - stole wat from me
nang fai is a back stabbing dog.. open the door!

krit : gun!


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I have not seen ep 10 and 11 yet.
What did I miss so far?
Can someone please give me an update? Thank you.

By the way, I have a question to ask you guys.

Is it true that Mark has a crush on Toey? I thought Mark has a crush on Mint C.
I am confused right now.

Who does Mark likes, Mint C or Toey?
Can anyone please tell me? Thank you.


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what if I tell u that Mint N and Mark are dating? LOL
You're kidding right? Mark has a girlfriend? How come I didn't know about that. Thare is a lot of stuff I don't know about.

Anyway, who is Mint N? Is she an actress too?

Now I'm even more confused.

Thank you for letting me know.