[CH3] Ruk Lhon Jai (Metta Mahaniyom) : Taew Nataporn / Ter Chantavit

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  1. ella99

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    Taew Nataporn and Ter Chantavit are hero and heroine on "Ruk Lhon Jai / รักล้นใจ" new TV drama by Metta Mahaniyom

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  2. diann

    diann sarNie Hatchling

    Oh wow taew gets to work with so many popular production. I’m sure who is Ter.
  3. whitedove

    whitedove sarNie Adult

    Ter is the star of last year's hit movie One Day co-starring Mew.
  4. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Omg already in a new Lakorn? Damn Taew is literally in every new Lakorn lol 55 well, that’s awesome cuz metta isn’t so bad sometimes lol as long as they don’t the crazy action Lakorn which this new Lakorn doesn’t sound like it but Ter ain’t a looker lol but who cares lol
  5. fun

    fun YGfamily

    Why is Ter starring in lakorn lately... I mean he is a film star.
  6. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    Yeah Ter and Taew! New fan of Ter so I'm glad I'll be seeing him more.

    In Thailand, lakorn stars seem to be more well known for Thai people than their movie stars? A lot make the crossover like Mario. But I'm sure Ter will still do movies cause he is also a screen writer so he'll always lean toward movies I think.
  7. Yay my girl Taew! Uh not digging Ter but I want to watch for Taew!
  8. rennayj

    rennayj sarNie Adult

    Ter meets with Khun Nok. Taew’s FC mention about fitting day but haven’t see the pics post yet. Unless it's a private fitting or they meet up to go over the script.


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  9. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    55 so it’s true they’re getting started. Huhu new pairing for sure lol :p
  10. rennayj

    rennayj sarNie Adult

    Fitting day. She will be playing as a doctor. I wonder what’s the storyline going to be about?
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  11. Oh dang! Ter is not cute! Not my type of cute! I’m so disappointed! Taew has yet to star with Grate, JMA, Ken T, Pope, and she is starring with such a less popular actor! Well at least in my book he’s not “popular “. Hopefully it’s a decent lakorn. I have hope in my girl Taew! Lol!
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  12. rennayj

    rennayj sarNie Adult

    If I’m not wrong I heard that Pope was going to be P’ek with Taew for this lakorn, but the producer have to get another P’ek because Pope schedule is full.
  13. What about Grate?! He’s fond of Taew and praised her! He wants to work with her! Lol! Oh well.
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  14. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Look at all these movie stars being lured into the lakorn world. Come on Sunny, come do lakorns too!
  15. For real! And lakorn stars kind of doing movies here and there!
  16. onewlover4ever

    onewlover4ever sarNie Hatchling

    Lol it' okay. I trust that Taew will do great nonetheless! This girl always shine in whatever roles she plays in even when the male lead is lacking. She just got done with Game Sanaha so maybe we'll see if she is confirm for more lakorns with other male leads. Fingers crossing!
  17. Lol for real. For example even if Bomb was super lacking in SJ but Taew and his part got the highest rating out of all the series. It was all purely Taew I know! But if I have to pick Bomb is a tad cuter than Ter! Lol. To me that is.
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  18. rennayj

    rennayj sarNie Adult

    @PrincessKarina I would love to see Great and Taew pair up in lakorn together. I believe his schedule is not that busy. He’s filming one lakorn right now. Unless they never contact him that might not fit the role.
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  19. True. I’m so sad! But I’m supportive of my girl so all good. Yes still hoping Grate and Taew will pair up soon. I love Grate’s smile.
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  20. Kay123

    Kay123 sarNie Oldmaid

    I am so not keen on Ter . Don’t even know who this guy is, he kinda came out of no where for me :rolleyes::confused12::confused0: worst part is it’s a romantic comedy :( and I can’t stand comedies when it comes to thai lakorn :yawn: I thought even if it’s an odd pairing I could put up with it as long as it has a great storyline and not a comedy .. anyway I will support it for Taew and wait for the fitting pic and find out more about the storyline before I make my full judgement :facepalm:

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