[Ch3] Roy Leh Marnya (Maker J Group) Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee


Thanks for the translations guys!:icon12:
My guess is that there are people meddling with Bella and her husband's relationship.So Pope's services as a lawyer is needed for this issue.But Pope is her childhood friend/love so there's that tension there since she married another guy.
Super interesting, It’s new role for bella & pope, The stroyline looks great.


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Tha writer posted another part of script today!!(wow and a long one too)


Umm so based on IG direct translation,I'll put the gist of both posts in the spoiler below. @lani can you help to confirm what I put in the spoiler?
So basically they're at their spot in the forest.He goes close to her so she thought he's about to kiss her.She gets shy and closes her eyes but he merely wanted to wipe her tears.She got tricked by him again so she chased him.He stopped running and turned around when he thought that she fell.But this time,he got tricked.They chased ecah other til they got tired and then sat down beside each other.He suggests that she go to Bangkok.She's hesitant but he says he'll go to see her every month.They made that promise but he notices her pinky finger is dirty.Her hand might have been dirty from when she fell just now.So he helped her wash it.She also mentions that he is dirty too. Holding on to her hand,he pledges that he will never make her get dirty because of him.Soft,heavy voice utters a simple sentence but her heart felt the warmth:icon12:
Okay sound sensuous, I like :love::love::thumbup:


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Someone translated! Cr. @AmLeocadia on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/AmLeocadia/status/1050336056493584385?s=20 )
So the English title is 'Hundred of Tricks'.
@Fikachu Thank you very much. So they have had the English title, but I would like to tell more about it.

Roy - Leh - Maan – Yaa is usually used with women.
Roy = 100
Leh = trick, cunning, intrigue etc.
MaanYa = trick, pretend, deceit, crafty, artifice etc.

People generally say that most women have “Roy Leh MannYaa” (Although some may not use them.)

Sometimes people say “Women have “Maan -Yaa - Roy - Lem - Kwian” (Women have a hundred oxcarts of MaanYaa.).

Examples of the meaning

That woman always makes men believe in her, love her, fascinated with or infatuate with her. She is suck a Roy Leh Maan Yaa Woman.

That woman uses MaanYaa to get what she wants from men/her husband/people.
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