[Ch3] Roy Leh Marnya (Maker J Group) Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee

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    Cr:to the rightful owner
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  2. byebye

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    I have to agree, out of all the actresses in the industry as of now Bella is by far the smartest. She managed to separate herself from the rest in picking her roles. Every role seemed to be a little different. Therefore, it gives her a chance to expand herself. She kind of doesn't give herself to be typecast. While the rest either get typecast or take up some sort of roles that does nothing for them.
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  3. lamchieu

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    Pls don’t stop the translations. Most appreciated :love::love:
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  4. Xiongurl26

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    It seems Wawwa will be Bella’s friend & Phet is Pope’s friend. Then again, there are a lot of elders in here. Characters that aren’t connected to anyone. I’m thinking maybe Wawwa will play Rai?
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  5. Fikachu

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    Woah...confusing much?I can't really make out how they are related since there isn't many lines connecting.:confused12:
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  6. Fikachu

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    Basically what we know so far...startimg filming in November,Bella's character is the owner of a company,Pope's is a lawyer whose character will clash with Bella's etc.
  7. phatman

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    Um a second lead couple??? I'm greedy. I don't look my pra'nang sharing the screen with another pra'nang. . . .hmmm.
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  8. preetam

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    My love Matt played a lil bit with her career for a while.
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  9. MKfan132

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    Can't wait until they start filming.
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  10. lani

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    Wawaa is Bel's sister but the one has no pic with broken heart connect to Bel is her husband??? So if this true it means Bel had husband b4 then she meets Pope ?
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  11. pangiaxiong

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    As much as I like Phet, I'm 100 percent with you on this!
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  12. Mycthao

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    Same. I don’t really enjoy lakorns with second lead couples. I’m kinda okay with side-couples who don’t get much screen time though. lol
  13. Xiongurl26

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    I didn’t realize the chart was in chinese so all I got from re looking at the chart is that Phet is Pope’s little brother. That Pamorn is Bella’s husband. Bua is playing Pamorn’s little sister. The characters Nipa & Bell are Bella’s friends. Nipa is also somehow friends with Sunee. The other chick might be the third hand that breaks up Bella & her husband’s marriage?

    This is some plot. Lol! I see where the “zaap” of this Lakorn is coming from now.
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  14. SuzieJ

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    ooo so bella is already married? this will be interesting! thanks for sharing love!
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  15. S.J.M

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    Yes I got from her Chinese fan club.
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  16. DaoRisa

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    Me too. Sooooooooo happy to see my Karakade and PorDate together in the new fresh story. I bet it's going to be a bomb since they are super hot couple on screen this year.
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  17. DaoRisa

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  18. DaoRisa

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  19. MKfan132

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    Me to, I think so also nod.
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  20. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    You’re Welcome! I think so. The chinese characters says husband so I’m assuming she’s married. It’s definitely going to be interesting for sure. Now I’m having so many ideas of this plot.
    Thanks for sharing! My chinese isn’t the greatest but it definitely helped. If only I knew what Wawwa’s character is.

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