[Ch3] Roy Leh Marnya (Maker J Group) Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee

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    Yayy!!!Thank you for the translation:):worship2:
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    Thank-you for the info :).
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    thank you for the translation!
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    No prob guys! Thanks for collecting the info.

    As for the translation of this, I'll just put a short summary instead of a word for word translation. But you still get the idea. It's 2 short scenes from the script so posted under spoiler

    Apparently n'ek, Pitcha's nickname is Ame. Ramin and Ame/Pitcha are with her aunt and they're arguing over whether or not she's going to school in Bangkok. Her aunt wants her to go. Ame says she doesn't want to and Ramin asks her why. She says cause you won't be there. She calls Ramin "Pee Min."

    A lot of this is just a detailed description of a waterfall, a place that Ramin/Ame used to hang out at. They're childhood friends. Ramin is thinking back to a particular time when Ame is 15 and he's 18 and they're at the waterfall. Ame is faking being sad to get Ramin's attention but Ramin is on to her so he pretends to ignore her and she gets mad in a playful way.
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    the second scene sound cute lol thanks again!
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  6. pangiaxiong

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    Oh you are LOVE! THANK YOU so much! I love both scenes but esp the 2nd one. I love childhood friendship love story. But it would seem that Ame was in love with Ramin first. I also like that she got a nickname for him..lol Pee Min. So cute!
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  7. AnnTfan

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    I'm so excited but the expectations are high, hoping the script is really good, but even if not, I have BPS to run back to.
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    Thank you so much!!!:icon12::icon12::thumbup::thumbup::worship2::worship2::clap::clap:
    Reading and typing out the direct translation from IG was so weird. I got some parts of it but as a whole, I didn't know what the situation was. Thank you so much for translating! You're our official translator here:cheer:I guess it'll take some time before the writer posts another update or part of her script. If she does, I'll post it here to update you guys:)

    But it does make me wonder though, if they grew up together so lovingly like that, how did their relationship become a love-hate intense one?:confused0::confused12:
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    This definitely is a 360 of BPS but I’m getting a feel of Rom-Com a little. However, I read somehwere that this is going to be a “zaap” lakorn lol. They compared it to Samee Tee Tra for the style of zaap. Quite interesting, can’t wait for the full on summary!
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  10. Koy123

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    Oh so this is a drama, not romantic rom com? Damn, all that working out is working for Bella! I always thought she has a nice booty. She be looking good lately.
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    Thanks so much :), I love both scenes but esp the 2nd one:icon12:
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  12. Fikachu

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    So I've scanned through the writer's IG and posted here, according to the dates she posted them, the posts that contain parts of the script.
    Would you like me to do direct translations of them from IG?If yes,please tell me.If not, I'll just leave them here:)

    16 September
    Brother Mill and sister Ames in a row... the first time to meet.... the night is a night of moonlight. See everything around the side is not clear. Brother Mill is 15 years old.

    17 September
    The 15-Year-old, walk exploring the Orange Plantation area of Aunt Marie with a territory adjacent to the plantation of the Orange Plantation of aunt phon's senior, with a big tree, planted the lines to tell the territory between the two rai without. Any building that has been blocked is the first time that, has come to sleep and sneak out to explore around the ranch at night. The wind blows lightly to feel tremble because of the temperature that has fallen down. The Ram has stopped at the bottom of the tree. Gently satire., sounds like fun and would be more fun.... if there is no small voice that floats the wind gently. " who......", turn to the left right, but no one....

    18 September
    ,, look at the orange tree with the wind in front of the sound of a bit of sarcasm. It's easy to listen to every sound in the dark. A little laughter makes the, feel cold. From Here, but like the lines in the body are crucified, the symptoms of "stiff legs" from the fear that forming quickly, while the, look around, figure out a way to survive, a small, clear voice coming from the back, murmur along the wind "behind...." ram The, the hand is tight, call consciousness and decide to turn to the back slowly.....


    21 September

    22 September


    23 September


    24 September

    29 September
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  13. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Those glasses just remind me of khun chai. Hahaha
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  15. preetam

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    Not a fan of Bella but she sure knows how to pick appealing storylines. As great as the likes of Matt are, they can't relate on this department (why some actors/actresses waste their careers and potential by entrusting them into the hands their moms ?). Lakorn storyline already sounds appealing
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  16. pangiaxiong

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    I'm not understanding what you're trying to say here? Bella follow her mom advice like Matt?
  17. preetam

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    No not Bella. Her career is not completely managed by her mom from what I see
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  20. S.J.M

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    Well so far the same thing we said here, that they had the fitting for their new lakorn and the shooting begins on November.
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