[Ch3] Roy Leh Marnya (Maker J Group) Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee

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  1. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    Wowza! Pope looking good in here. Louis too! Maybe he is the ex husband?
  2. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    How did Maker J get Pope & Bella?.
    I'm so wary of them after all of Matt's lakorns lol. The romance aspect for their drama's is good but they always stuff it up with having too many characters and not developing the important plot points.
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  3. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    The title, the cast are good to attract me, especially my dear POPE and BELLA. However, just still worry about the production and director. Hope they will not drive us crazy with their poor editing and too many unnecessary side characters.
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  4. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    It is my only worry, their weaknesses of this production are editing and focus on side characters too much.
  5. KitKat516

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    Maker J is a branch of Maker and they're one of the main top 3 production company of ch3. They were the one who went to the channel and told them that they must have new blood which was how 4HJHKK made their debut.
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  6. MKfan132

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  7. est.jpn

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    If he is then dang the whole destiny thing is crazy. Hahahha. Pope and Bella and then Louis in their modern life. Hahaha.
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  8. Fikachu

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  9. Fikachu

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  10. missstaceythao

    missstaceythao sarNie Adult

    If only I could read Thai. But I only see Gong Yoo and I'm so confused.
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  11. Fikachu

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    Most of her posts with parts of the script in them have Gong Yoo as her laptop background for the pic.She must really love Gong Yoo...perhaps having pics of him gives her motivation to write:)
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  12. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    This clip makes it sound like they're both married? Not only Bella. It's not that clear but Pope said they each have their own family. I interpreted that as each are married but could be wrong cause I don't remember that on the relationship tree. Pope said their relationship is more about him trying to teach her life stuff. She's got a temper and only Pope can deal with her when she gets into one of her moods.

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  13. Fikachu

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    Thank you for the explanation @jeanie1 :icon12:
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  14. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    Thank you for the explanation @jeanie1 :).

    So there characters won't be together then?.
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  15. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    Nah it is still a lakorn so the leads will get together somehow. The story will be how they get there I guess.
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  16. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    Oh okay.
  17. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    There's a clip on MakerJ IG (I can't link it for some reason), of PB reading lines from a scene. Pope is telling Bella to calm down and stop struggling. She's telling him to let her go and she's out of energy now. I think she's in one of her temper tantrums lol. Then Pope is supposed to take her car keys and they keep on arguing.
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  18. Fikachu

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    Is it this one?
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  19. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    I saw that and was wondering what they were saying. The only thing I understood was Bella saying “Let me go” lol sounds interesting so far. Thanks for the translation ❤️
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  20. MKfan132

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