Ch3 re-runing "Rang Ngao"


sarNie Hatchling
wow, i remember loving ken in this lakorn..until he raped her but i forgave him lol. yay for them!! rang ngao was great! ^^


sarNie Adult
to tell the truth......back then i mean before this lakorn i never like Ken, i always think he's ugly.....lolz.
but when this lakorn out.....and i decided to watched it for Ann without knowing that i would fall for Ken......lolz as i watch the lakorn i started to realized that Ken is super cute......and love him ever since.

this is one of the best lakorn.....


sarNie Juvenile
This was the first lakorn i've seen Ken in and i must say i wasn't impressed by him in Rang Ngao, but he definitely redeemed himself in Oum Ruk. lol But i liked him a little before Oum Ruk started though. I think it's just the hair he had in Rang Ngao that made me not pay attention to him. :D Ann is wonderful in every lakorn she's in. I have to say, though, she looks best with Ken. :wub:


sarNie Egg
I'm interested in watching this series of Ann and Ken, does anybody know where I can stream or download this series with english subs? =)


sarNie Adult
This drama was good! Loved when the other sister came! I'm just glad Ken ended up with her!


When is the airing date? I never watched this one of Ken/Anne. I'd like to see it for sure.


sarNie Adult
i'm watching this in youtube but there's no eng subs. i'm depending on their actions to understand what's going on. lol! i do hope someone will sub this. i just love watching anne and ken!!! i can't wait for 365 days of love!!!


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